Tuesday Thoughts -- 01/04/00
Well... it's Tuesday and I'm thinking... or, at least, attempting to think, but that's not easy with a stuffy head and scratchy throat and assorted aches and pains... anyway, I'm thinking about staying home from work tomorrow.

I did go to work today. And, despite having told myself that I would split at lunchtime, I ended up staying until a few minutes past four. And, since I had worked right through lunch (hadn't actually packed a lunch since I had planned on leaving early, just brought some orange slices), I ended up putting in almost a full eight hours. When I said good-bye on my way out someone told me to stay the hell home tomorrow. I may just do that. Monday lunchtime when I posted my entry for yesterday I claimed that I would go home by three o'clock, but it was 4:30 by the time I actually left work. So, rather than going off to the office when I am sick, having the intention of leaving early and then staying longer, maybe what I should do to shake this cold is to devote one day to just resting.

My daughter had requested Chinese food for dinner tonight, sweet and sour chicken or maybe some kind of stir fry. So I stopped at my Shaw's supermarket on my way home and picked up some boneless chicken breast. I knew I had a good supply of veggies at home -- sugar snap peas, carrots, both red and green peppers, onions, celery, even some green onions -- so all I needed was the chicken, but on my way through the frozen foods section, as I was picking up some frozen orange juice, I noticed a sale on bags of frozen create-a-meal veggies (you know, all you add is chicken or pork), and I was really beginning to feel exhausted and the need to chop up veggies and stir fry them began to seem like a daunting task, so I tossed a couple of them into my cart. Then, leaving the supermarket, I began to realize just how tired and really rotten I was feeling and the thought of having to cut up and stir fry the chicken and then add the frozen vegetables began to seem like an insurmountable task, so I pulled into Chen's Restaurant and ordered a large order of sweet and sour chicken and a number one combo (egg roll, chow mein, fried rice) to go. My son doesn't like Chinese food and wanted pasta instead. I had used my cell phone call home to say I was bringing home take-out food. This was partly to find out if there were any spare mouths to feed (we often have friends of our kids around for dinner) and also to alert my family that dinner would be early (since we usually can't eat until I have cooked it and I don't usually get home until after six). I had asked my son on the phone to put on water to boil in a few minutes, but he forgot, so his pasta meal was delayed and he ended up not eating until the rest of us were finished. But my daughter was happy to have sweet & sour chicken, we had a nice meal, and I didn't have to cook (except for dumping some pasta into boiling water and nuking some sauce).

The weather forecast had called for heavy rain sometime today, but there had just been a light drizzle most of the day, barely a mist... just now, however, really heavy rain began to blow against the kitchen windows -- and as I was typing that my son walked past to comment that "It sure is raining!" So it appears as if the Weather Guessers happened to guess right for tonight.

I have used up about all the energy that I have, so I think I will post this entry and go to bed, maybe read for a little while and then try to get a good nights sleep. Yes, take some vitamin C and some zinc and a few other good things... maybe have a goodnight cup of tea with honey and lemon.

I actually signed up for Geocities Geo Plus (or whatever they call it) -- five bucks a month (okay, $4.95) -- and I'm not really sure if it is worth it -- it gives me 25 meg for my webpage instead of 15 (but my site doesn't even take up 2 of those free 15) and is supposed to give me some statistics on traffic, etc. which might be interesting assuming that traffic somehows builds up to more than the half dozen or so people who wander by here once in a while. Prior to Jan 1st I had a total of around 700 hits over a two year period -- and probably a couple dozen of those were actually just me -- Yeah, I know, what do I expect when I didn't even update often enough to be able to justify the term rarely updated and have never belonged to a webring, etc. Anyway, the GeoPlus is supposed to be a free trial for 30 days, so I'll see if I start to gather enough hits here to make it worthwile. I don't know what else I would use it for. I'm not a big fan of annimated stuff on webpages, and if I wanted to use CGI scripts I think I would want learn how to write my own. Oh yeah, I think GeoPlus gets rid of some of those annoying little pop-up thingies without me having do to anything to chase them away... or something like that...

Maybe I should join a couple webrings?

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