A semi-political comment -- 02/07/00
I just placed an order for nine (9 -count 'em - 9) books:
  • Developing an e-business Application for the IBM WebSphere Application Server,
  • IBM WebSphere and VisualAge for Java Database Integration with DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server
  • WebSphere Application Servers: Standard and Advanced Editions
  • The Front of IBM WebSphere Building e-business User Interfaces
  • IBM Web-to-Host Integration Update
  • TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview
  • Programming with VisualAge for Java Version 2
Yes, I know I said nine and said to count them so you did and you discovered that I have listed only seven out of those claimed nine. You are quite correct in your counting. You see, there are two more Java books but I can't find where I wrote down the full title, all I have with me is a catalog number.

Is it any wonder that I don't have much time left for recreational reading?

Actually, there is another book I wanted -- Visual Age for Java Enterprise: Persistence Builder -- but it won't be published for a few more weeks.

Fortunately, a lot of this reading will be done on company time -- but I have other stuff to do at work and I need to acquire a lot of this knowledge within the next four or five weeks, so a significant portion of it will have to be done on my time

As for the two books I was reading the week before last... I'm afraid my paperback copy of 8.4 is traveling around with me in my briefcase thing without me reading a single page since I got back from Massachusetts. The Jeter novel (Noir) is upstairs next to my side of the bed... I even read maybe five or six pages last night but I was too sleepy to read any further. It's a library book and is already about a dollar overdue and I'm not quite at the halfway mark.

A number of people who keep online journals also have discussion forum areas and, being a somewhat talkative person, I often post comments on those forums... certainly not every time, but reasonably often. And when I do post a comment, sometimes I put in a link to this site and sometimes I don't bother. Today I posted comments on two different topics at Pamie's site. The first one was in response to a question Pamie asked about gardening and I babbled on at some length about growing veggies, etc. and just signed my first name, no URL. The second one was in response to a question someone else had posted about why were there no songs or books or media references to blowjobs. Duh! Someone had already quoted from Alanis Morrisett, so when I posted I made an allusion to a Jefferson Starship song and then asked if he had ever heard of the tale of Bill and Monica... and I signed that posting with a link to my site.

Traffic has been light the past couple days (as if it is ever heavy around here -- not) so I was surprised to note in late afternoon that my main counter had jumped up a lot. I then went to a couple of those other counters (as I noted the other day, these various counters never quite record each visit or provide matching information) and one of these sites indicated that almost all of this traffic had routed from that posting.... and one of these traffic monitoring sites reported that one of these visitors came from a US Government domain. Hmmmm....

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.


Even those who are paranoid can have enemies

Yes, I know, it was somebody stuck in some government office spending their lunch or coffee break time surfing the web (certainly they wouldn't have done it on time being paid for by the taxpayers).

You have to remember that I am older than the average person who might be reading this... I was around in the sixties and seventies...(no, as a matter of fact I never took part in an anti-war protest and the only time I ever picketed the White House was in support of the Equal Rights Amendment in the summer of 1981) but I can remember laughing at the paranoia of the protesters... and then discovering during the Watergate revelations that their paranoia had been completely justified.

No, I don't think that visitor was a government agent spying on me, but it just served as a reminder of how Clinton/Gore want to have the government hold police state powers to spy on our email, our phone conversations, anything we might do. Oh yeah, I forgot... they only want to spy on bad people. Yeah, right. Why do I say Clinton/Gore instead of just Clinton? Well, good old Al Inventor-of-the-Internet Gore has been a part of this administration for the past seven years, busy doing all of that illegal fund raising... oops, it wasn't really illegal, that is, it was illegal but at the time he believed that there was "no controlling legal authority" (whatever the hell that means... something like Bill's inability to understand what sex means)... except Gore worries me much more than Clinton... Clinton was too self-indulgent to be as much of a threat to our freedom as Gore could be if he really were to come to power. Beware self-righteous zealots. Some people are afraid of the religious right. Well, I guess they can be a danger on a local level, but on a national level they are only important in Republican primaries; it's people like Gore who scare me more than all of the Pat Robertsons.

My politics? I guess I'm sort of a libertarian. Please note that is lower case. I think that Libertarians can be as deluded about human nature as doctrinare academic Marxists. I have at times voted for Libertarian candidates... I have also voted for Republicans and Democrats and Conservatives and various odd third parties including the Cool Moose Party. I have only voted for the winning presidential candidate once in my entire life (no, it was not within the past decade).

As of about 9:30 p.m. as I am posting this my counter is even higher and at least one more visitor has come from that comment I made in response to that blowjob thread on Pamie's discussion forum. Amusing. I've never had so many people travel to this site from the same source before.
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