How far I drove today:
  • 175 miles
What I listened to on my trip:
  • A tape of Raptor Red (a narrative about a dinosaur 120 million years ago)
Where I am writing this:
  • Marriott Residence Inn, Fishkill, NY
Why I am here:
  • To take a two day course in HTML
On the road again -- 02/15/00
Yes, I know, I certainly need to spend some time learning more about HTML. It would also help if I applied more QA effort to what I post to the web, try to find typographical errors, broken links, etc. ahead of time. Oh well... The reason I am here is that I am entrolled in an HTML course on Wednesday and Thursday.

Anyway, here I am in my hotel room, just me and my laptop. I was on the Internet earlier this evening, checking email and the journals that I usually read. I've gone offline right now. I don't like to stay online very long from hotel rooms, depending on how calls are billed, what local access numbers I have, etc. So I think I'm just going to save this on my C: drive and post it to the web tomorrow night (but I plan to meet my brother for dinner, etc. so I may not have time) or when I get back home Thursday night. (Anyway, I'm always hesitant about posting something to the web that indicates that I am out of town for a few days.)

People sometimes think travel comes with lush expense account living. Sorry, but reality is that I've got a $30 per day limit on meal expenses. What is ironic about that is that the class I am taking is being given in Westchester County and if I were staying in a hotel there my meal limit would be $38 per day, but since I am staying across the county line, I get $8 less. Thus, dinner at Denny's.

I'm really exhausted. G'nite.

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Where did I eat dinner:
  • A Denny's next to my hotel
Why I ate in a Denny's:
  • It was cheap
  • I could get there by walking across the parking lot instead of getting back into my car to drive down the road
  • It was cheap
What I am wearing
  • a towel
  • and a zipfront hooded sweatshirt