Little Boy Blue -- 03/21/00

Well, I closed my Saturday night entry by noting that my daughter was bleaching my son's hair in preparation for dying it blue.

Sure enough, on Sunday his hair was an unnatural straw yellow with hints of golden orange, except for a bit along the edges on the sides and at his neck where some of his original dark brown showed through (because the label warnings about taking care not to burn scalp bothered Jennifer enough that she avoided the edges for fear of hurting him... but he claims he never felt any burning or stinging).

Nancy and I called him Goldylocks all day. As we told him, we did not object to this experimentation, no nagging, no forbidding wearing weird colored hair... it's his head... but we reserve the right to joke about it. Given that he looks older than he is -- fourteen about to turn fifteen in May -- and when he is wearing a beard (which he is again) he really could pass for a college student. With this yellow-gold hair and his brown beard he looks like he belongs in some alternative punk rock band.

Sunday night Jennifer applied Manic Panic Blue to his bleached hair, so now he has blue hair. From a distance it does not look too unusual, just a kid with dark hair, but as you get closer you start to notice the blue. Up close his hair is dark, dark blue with lighter blue streaks and highlights. It looks less unusual than bleached out yellow.

So now we are calling him Little Boy Blue.

(Please note that he is almost as tall as I am and weighs as much as I do and is a weightlifter. He is anything but little!)

This is a busy week for me -- I'm teaching a course this week -- as usual, it is a five day course but people always want to get out early on Fridays to catch airplanes home so I've been starting class a little early and running it a bit later so that we can finish around lunchtime on Friday. Of course I don't get to leave then... I have one customer in the class who needs a two day course that is not currently scheduled, but I am going to spend Friday afternoon working one-on-one with him to cover that material. (Hmmm, did I already tell you this last week?)

Okay, gotta post this and dash off....

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