Toothaches -- 04/07/00

I had captioned this as "Toothache" but my problem involves two teeth and there is no such word as "Teethache" (is there?) so I changed it to "Toothaches." I'd been getting some "discomfort" (as dentists tend to call it) in my lower left jaw for the past week or so. It would hurt and I'd think maybe I should make an appointment... but then it would feel better... so I would keep changing my mind about seeing a dentist. Finally, yesterday (Thursday) I had planned to go to the Y for a workout at lunchtime but not only was my jaw hurting but I had an overall feeling of aches as if I had a low grade fever. So I called my periodontist and was told to come in to the office on a quick crisis basis.

So he looked and said "mmmmmmm" and took x-rays and mumbled dire sounding things about my the two back teeth on the lower left... words like infection and root canal and bone graft... shudder... And then he gave me a prescription for penicillin... take four all at once and then one four times a day. I'm supposed to come back for an exam after that... maybe the antibiotics will knock out the infection and everything will be fine... or maybe I will end up with some "work" being done...

I really didn't feel up to fixing dinner last night and suggested getting take-out. We had a couple extra teenagers around the house so Nancy suggested pizza (which always works well with teens) but I felt more like Chinese... so lets get both... sent my daughter to pick up a couple large pizzas while I went to get sweet and sour chicken and chow mein and white rice and fried rice (and an egg roll for Nancy). The kids and friends went off to see a play at their high school, Nancy went to work on teacher stuff (grade papers and prepare lesson plans), I cleaned up the kitchen and came up to bed to read. I fell asleep relatively early, but woke up about 1:45 a.m. with terrible pain in my jaw... felt like getting a cavity drilled without novacaine... when he had prescribed the penicillin he had asked me if I wanted a pain killer and I had said that I could get by just fine with aspirin. I was regretting that decision last night. Came downstairs for two aspirin... decided it was time to take the first penicillin pill from my Friday quota... have a vitamin C just for luck... and another aspirin. I got very little sleep and so, this morning, after getting Nancy off to work and Jennifer and Sean off to school, I went back to bed an napped for an hour or so.

I would have skipped going into the office completely, but there was some stuff I needed to get done and didn't want to have to ask others to do it for me, so I went in for three or four hours. One of my (younger) co-workers was teasing me about falling apart after fifty. Just wait... he's in his forties... (Of course, everyone in my dept. is younger than me... a couple are in their early fifties, but I'm just three weeks away from 57!)

I had submitted my list of favorite and/or useful links last week so it could serve as my entry in the March collaboration project for the Speak Freely Webring... and then Meghan had asked for URL's of weird and interesting sites in her discussion forum... so today I posted a couple of interesting sites there... and then I realized that I had not included them in my list of interesting sites. Well, I guess I'll get around to that sometime, but meanwhile, I'll also list them here (or you could go check out Meghan's site)... Constructor is a very interesting site that lets you choose a stick figure creature and adjust gravity and friction, etc. Try it. I also enjoy where you can take the Densa quiz, personality test, amusing tests, brain-teasers, etc. Very interesting site.

I'm a little concerned about our rabbit... she doesn't seem to have had much appetite yesterday or today... but she seems as friendly as ever... and the branches of a tree next to her hutch show signs of having been nibbled on, so maybe she's filled up on that? I'll have to see how she does tomorrow...

The kids are out, not planning on being home for dinner... Nancy's napping... it's almost seven-thirty... I'm tempted to suggest dinner out but I'm still feeling not quite right, still have some pain from my teeth... so maybe I'll just turn on the oven and fix something at home...

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