May Day -- 05/01/00

I presume they are having parades in various towns around the world, it's May Day. I wonder if they are still holding a big parade in Moscow? Yeah, I'm online, I suppose I could go and find out. I had a guy from England in the class I was teaching last week and he mentioned something about they were having two long weekends in a row. The first one, of course, was Easter but for some reason I didn't realize he must have meant May Day was the cause of the second long weekend, I just figured it was one of those obscure bank holidays they seem to have.

We've finally had some nice weather, three days in a row with sun. Okay, so it was partial sun, lots of clouds and threats of rain, but after the extended rainy stretch (and three -- count 'em, three -- rainy weekends in a row!) I'm quite grateful for a partly sunny day.

I don't think I mentioned that Sean is now employed. Friday night he worked as a dish washer in the same restaurant where Jennifer works part-time making salads, etc. This is his first taste of genuine employment. Nancy and I think that it will be good for him, give him a taste of the real world and let him learn how to budget money that he's actually worked for, but it is strange to watch your youngest stretching his wings. Since Sean and Jennifer were both working Friday night, Nancy and I were empty-nesters, so we went out for dinner.

Gee, it almost looks as if I'm doing every second day updating, but last weeks entries were posted late because I was so busy, had so little time. I'm afraid the time crunch will be continuing... I have lots of stuff (i.e., technical material) that I am trying to learn in order to teach a new set of courses. As part of that process I am going to be attending a presentation of a course and also presenting a few of the lectures that make up that course... and the location is in France. I am somewhat torn by that -- never having been to France, I am looking forward to having a few hours outside of work to look around, but on the other hand, I really don't like being away from home for a week. (Plus having two weekends trashed by spending many cramped hours stuffed into the cheap seats -- what, you think I get to fly business class or something? Hell, I even had to fly Providence to Sydney and back in steerage, uh, I mean economy.)

May and June are going to be so busy for us anyway... Jennifer and Sean both have May birthdays, Sean is going to a prom this month and Jennifer's Senior Prom is in June... as is her high school graduation... and my nephew's wedding... and, well, you can see that we are going to be very busy, and it's going to be tough to be away... Oh, and don't forget the various spring yardwork and landscaping and house touch-up chores that have to be completed before the graduation party we are hosting in mid-June. So between travel and weddings there are three weekends eliminated and the rainy weather during April has already left me far behind. Okay, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I like to check the visitor logs from the various counters I have -- it's fascinating to find people stopping here from all over the world. So, checking to see what brought people here, I found that on April 24th some one found me by doing a search on locker room naked... (you should see some of the other sites he retrieved... actually, I didn't see them, just the list returned by the search engine, didn't want to go any further). Then on Saturday I was located by a search on naked locker room . And yet again today my site was hit by a search for men's locker room. The search engine (all three were from altavista) evidently picked me because of a journal entry -- Naked in the Men's Locker Room -- 01/10/00 -- which mostly was me complaining about being overweight and out of shape. *sigh* I still am. [Chris sometimes lists the rather strange combinations that cause search engines to select his site. Hey, new online journal contest: Who can attract the strangest search engine hits]

Ah, but I did get in a three mile run on Sunday and today I went to the Y at noon and ran a bit over two miles on the treadmill (plus a warmup on the stair-stepper and some work with handweights after the treadmill) and tomorrow I will try for a three mile run again. However, I must confess that I have not lost the ten pounds that I talked about wanting to get rid of by now.

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