Weight Watch

Workouts this week:
Sunday - no workout
Monday - hiked almost 6 miles in Catskills
Tuesday - no workout, but lots of walking
Wednesday - ran 4 miles (family run night at URI campus, did one mile and three mile runs)
Thursday - ran 5 miles (on local bike path)
Friday - ran 3 miles
Saturday - biked 10 miles (mostly on bike path)

DateWeightChangeTotal loss
Wed. 6/21206 ......
Sat. 6/24206 00
Wed. 6/28205 11
Sat. 7/1204 12

Half a year-- 07/01/00

I am always amazed at the swift passage of time... and its pace seems more rapid the older I get... and here we are, half of 2000 is now behind us.

I began the year with the intention of posting frequent journal entries (although I've had this site up since 1996, I had only posted occasional entries through most of that time) and now, halfway through the year, I think that I've succeeded in that goal. At first I was posting every day, didn't miss one until Jan 19th.

  • January - 25 entries
  • February - 17 entries
  • March - 13 entries
  • April - 11 entries
  • May - 9 entries (not very many, but I was out of the country for a week)
  • June - 14 entries
Readership has varied. Obviously some people visit once and leave, never to return; others may come, read an entry or two and then return two or three weeks later. A few of you visit fairly regularly. (Thank you!) There's a wide range of hit counts on individual entries. The top scoring entry is Feb 24th, probably because the title of that was "Bedroom Farce" (because I was writing about going to see a performance of that play). Okay, so I can see how that might have snagged readers based on its title (current count is around 40)... but only one or two hits behind it is March 24th, (titled "More of a dark turquoise") where I was just rambling about the odd colors my kids dye their hair, fixing dinner, automobiles, etc. Hey! Someone just visited as I was writing this (the counter for yesterday's entry just went up by one. [Hello 64.38.42.# -- that's all that Sitemeter is giving me for identity (sometimes it will give the ISP name but othertimes just the first three chunks of the TCP/IP address) plus that you are from the Eastern U.S. time zone... Thanks for dropping by!)

I've got to get going... errands to run... hardware store, supermarket, etc... then fix a salad to bring to my mother-in-law's house tonight for dinner. (Some of Nancy's siblings and associated children are in town for the holiday weekend.)

Hope you are enjoying this summer weekend (okay, winter weekend for those of you down in Oz).

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