Weight Watch

Workouts this week:
Sunday - four mile run (Camire's Firecracker Four race)
Monday - walked one and a half on beach; later biked six miles
Tuesday - ran six miles; later biked five miles and walked one (to see fireworks)
Wednesday - ran four miles (family run night at URI campus, did one mile and three mile runs)
Thursday - biked 10 miles; later walked one and a half
Friday - rest day (walked one mile lunchtime)
Saturday - ran six miles

DateWeightChangeTotal loss
Wed. 6/21206 ......
Sat. 6/24206 00
Wed. 6/28205 11
Sat. 7/1204 12
Wed. 7/5202 24
Sat. 7/8201 15

Reading -- 07/08/00

I've just finished reading David Gerrold's novel Jumping Off the Planet. (His greatest claim to celebrity status is probably that he wrote the "Trouble with Tribbles" episode of Star Trek although people who actually read science fiction might know him as the author of When Harlie Was One or his War with the Chtorr series.... but why don't you just go and check out his webpage... it's pretty cool) I burst out laughing toward the end of Jumping Off the Planet when I came upon a character named Bev Sykes. I had forgotten that Bev was a friend of Gerrold's and that he had named a character after her. Anyway, the book is a good read and I recommend it to you.

What else am I reading? Well, I've been rereading parts of Java Servlets by Karl Moss. I'm also reading some White Papers I downloaded from Sun.

  • Enterprise JavaBeans Technology; Server Component Model for the Java Platform
  • Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition; Ensuring Consistiency, Portability, and Interoperability
  • Simplified Guide to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
  • and (also downloaded from Sun) Chapter 5 "Searching with the SDK" from LDAP Programming with Java by Rob Weltman and Tony Dahbura
However, not everything I'm going to be reading this weekend is technical work-related stuff... I stopped at the local library this morning and picked up God's Children by Harold Coyle. He writes a lot of military novels, paperback racks are full of his fiction but I don't recall reading anything by him before. This one seems to be set in the very near future, following some U.S. troops that are part of a NATO peacekeeping mission in Slovakia. I read a little bit and it seems interesting.

Oh, and last night I hit amazon.com and selected a bunch of books -- all science fiction novels -- which I put into the save-for-later part of my shopping cart... but then thought about an upcoming business trip, time sitting around airports, time in an airplane (although I'm only going to Pittsburgh so it's not a long flight), time spent in hotel room channel surfing (although if I bring my laptop I suppose I could do some journal surfing instead)... and about how nice it is to sit on a front porch (or at the beach) in the summer and read a book... I'm usually very busy... and through the spring and early summer I was especially busy... the four day Independence Day weekend was a marvelous chance to relax... and I really need to do more relaxing... so I moved three of them back to buy-now and they should arrive sometime next week:

  • Semper Mars (The Heritage Trilogy, Book 1) by Ian Douglas
  • On the Oceans of Eternity by S. M. Stirling
  • An Oblique Approach by David Drake and Eric Flint
The S.M.Stirling book is the third in a triology and I have been eagerly awaiting it; the others were selected based on reviews.

Nancy is out of town; she and her mother left this morning to drive over to New York State to attend a christening for a niece. Uh, that is, the new mom is our niece so I guess that makes Nancy a great-aunt of the baby. To think that a niece who was just a little girl at our wedding could now be married and have two kids. So, my major assignment is to tape the Wimbledon singles finals. Okay, got the Williams-Davenport match this morning (also got the start of the men's doubles); must remember to get the men's final tomorrow. Oh yeah, also have to return two sets of curtains and pick up three sets with a different length and also buy another rose trellis like the one she got earlier this week. And since I need to pick up Sean (playing miniature golf and racing go-carts, etc. with a friend) in half an hour and that's very close to the store where I need to be for these errands, I think I will click on Save and get out of here... and when I return I can just sit on the porch for an hour or so and read.

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