Weight Watch

Workouts this week:
Sunday - no run, walked a lot at Wickford Art Festival
Monday - ran six miles
Tuesday - no workout
Wednesday - ran four miles (family run night at URI campus, did one mile run and three mile run)
Thursday - no workout
Friday - ran three miles
Saturday - ran three miles (5k race) then walked one mile

DateWeightChangeTotal loss
Wed. 6/21206 ......
Sat. 6/24206 00
Wed. 6/28205 11
Sat. 7/1204 12
Wed. 7/5202 24
Sat. 7/8201 15
Wed. 7/12200 16
Sat. 7/15199 17

Shakespeare in the park -- 07/15/00

Went to see Shakespeare in the park in Westerly, RI, last night with Nancy and her mom. Henry IV, Part One. They've been putting on Shakespearean productions in the park in Westerly for years and we've enjoyed these productions since we moved to Rhode Island. The productions are free, although a ten dollar donation is requested (donation jars next to the person handing out programs as you enter the park) and at the conclusion of the performance someone is holding a donation jar at the exit in case audience members would care to toss in a few more dollars.

As expected, it was a good production... and their Falstaf was marvelous. A few technical glitches can be forgiven when attempting to perform outside but the production was remarkably smooth overall. Also, there were very few bugs of the insect variety as well. (Some years I've worried that the mosquitoes would grab one of the performers or a member of the audience and carry them off.)

Bev Sykes discussed attending a concert last night and commented on the age of the audience. I noted the same thing... most audience members were around my age. I remember far more young people other years (but, perhaps Romeo and Juliet would naturally attract a younger audience than one of the history plays). There was an airhead Gen X woman seated near us. She came in several scenes into the first act, had to ask people next to her what the play was... and then, at one point, was holding a conversation on her cell phone during the performance (Uh huh, yeah, so like we're listening to some play, yeah, like in the park and all) She and her boyfriend didn't return after intermission, but they may have thought that was the end of the show.

We picked up falafels on the way to Westerly and I had put bottles of water and a bottle of wine in my backpack. (Nancy and her mom drank the wine, I stuck with water.) People come early to stake out good spots for their blankets or folding chairs. (The front half of the lawn area is reserved for blankets only, no chairs; the back half fills with people who brought folding chairs. We brought chairs.) One couple near us had brought a large cooler filled with supplies. The cooler became their table, complete with a towel for a table cloth and two candles. They had a full meal plus cheese and crackers and wine, etc.

I've been enjoying the jelly beans that Juggler Jelly Beansent to me. I've been eating a few each day... these are Jelly Belly jelly beans that come in so many delicious and interesting flavors that they should be savored individually rather than gulped down like the cheap beans that all taste the same... and this also lets me enjoy a tasty treat without blowing my diet.

I ran in a 5K race this morning. It was in the mid-70's but cloudy with a light breeze. Lovely day for a run, not too hot. Nancy did the 5K walk... same course... so after I finished I waited along the side of the road until she came by and I walked the last mile with her. She was walking very rapidly, finished the whole three point one miles in under 44 minutes. There was a nice party atmosphere afterwards -- even a live band -- but we couldn't stay... I had to dash home, take a shower, and go the the Red Cross to donate blood. They had called me up earlier in the week to for a donation... so today was about the only time I could manage. I'm going to be out of town this coming week and I don't want to give the week after that because that is when the ten mile Narragansett Blessing of the Fleet race is scheduled.

I have tended to be a bit guarded about writing in advance about business trips but I realized that was being a bit silly. I'm not leaving a defenseless wife and two little children here when I'm gone, I'm leaving two women (both of whom have studied martial arts) and a teenaged male who can benchpress two hundred pounds. Duh. So... I'm hoping a plane tomorrow for Pittsburgh... and I may not be able to post any entries until maybe Wednesday (or perhaps not until Thursday) night... will just be too busy until then...

(Hey Emily & Paul, I'm going to be staying at the same Marriott, but I really do expect to be too busy most of the week for socializing... however, I am sure I will be making other trips to your town, probably September and/or October.)

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