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The Online Diary History Project is a site that has been created to contain information about this practice of posting thoughts and ideas and daily events on the Internet. One section -- Personal Recollections -- has comments from various early online journalers about how they got started and who their influences were, etc. As my site will mark its fourth anniversary next month I guess that qualified me as having seen some of the pioneer period. (I don't think of it that way... to me, the pioneer period ended the week before I started. *grin*) Anyway, you can find an entry from me there as well as a link to my first online entry.
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I'm not linking directly to my entry there 'cause I think you should take a few minutes to wander about the site, scroll down through the chronological listing of early journalers.

And while I'm mentioning journal stuff, don't forget Journalcon will be held October 6th thru 8th in Pittsburgh. I don't know if I will be there or not... I'd like to go, have been thinking quite seriously about it, but have work schedule, etc. to think about, and now the deadline for registration has been moved up to this Friday, August 18th... and there will be no late registration and no at-the-door registration. In other words, if I can't finalize my plans by Friday, forget it... Oh well... It really should be a good event, many of the Big Names in journaling will be there (yes, another *grin*), lots of people whose journals I read faithfully, people I'd really love to meet in the real world... Check it out...
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Nancy and Sean and Jennifer and a couple of Jennifer's friends went up to the Emerald Square Mall (just over the border into Massachusetts) yesterday. Nancy had hoped to do some shopping at a classroom supplies store there, but apparently about a million other teachers got there first because she said their stock was so jumbled that she couldn't find the things she was looking for. The kids bought lots of clothes. Sean was buying with his trip to Australia in mind as well as for back-to-school.

I have to fax his passport information to the travel office that has booked the tickets so they can arrange for his ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization, sort of an online visa, Australia is very touchy about who they let in)... He is supposed to spend today getting his packing done. It's hard to believe that tomorrow he is heading off on such a long journey... I'm a bit concerned that they are flying on United Airlines because United has been cancelling huge numbers of flights every day... I keep picturing them arriving at the airport tomorrow and finding the Los Angeles leg of their flight has been cancelled... or worse, arriving in Los Angeles only to discover that the Los Angeles to Sydney flight has been cancelled. I also don't know how he's going to feel in the seventeen inch wide seats that United puts in their Economy section. Ah, well, air travel is supposed to be a miserable and uncomfortable experience, right? (Well, that seems to be what the airlines think!) The point is that he'll be off on a great adventure...

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