Weight Watch

Workouts this week:
Sunday - (no workout)
Monday - six mile run
Tuesday - three and a half mile run
Wednesday - (no workout)
Thursday - five and a half mile run
Friday - (no workout)
Saturday - three mile run

DateWeightChangeTotal loss
Sat. 6/24206 00
Sat. 7/1204 22
Sat. 7/8201 35
Sat. 7/15199 27
Sat. 7/22201 +25
Sat. 7/29199 27
Sat. 8/05197 29
Sat. 8/12197 09
Sat. 8/19197 09
I thought at mid-week that I was down to 196 but birthday cake for somebody at work, fish and chips last night (with Buffalo spicey breaded and fried popcorn shrimp as appetizer) *sigh* guess I have to try harder at the eat less and eat smarter parts of this diet. However, as I noted recently, I am getting trimmer and in better shape even if the pounds are not coming off. I am eating less than I was before I started, but I think my metabolism has adjusted; I'll just have to do more veggies and fruit... and add to my workouts.

In an empty nest -- 08/19/00

Last night it was just Nancy and me for dinner -- Sean, of course, is in Australia (by the way, he called to say that he had managed to get some sleep on the plane and that he was excited to be in Sydney and he was very hungry and they were about to go out to get some lunch) and Jennifer was working. So I ordered some fish and chips, etc. for take out and picked up a video -- Being John Malcovich, which I had seen in the theatre but Nancy had never seen it; it was every bit as strange and wonderful as I had remembered.

This morning Nancy and her mother drove over to the Westchester County area of New York for a familly gathering. Jennifer is now at work. So, I'm home alone in the empty nest, typing this entry and fixing dinner. Early tomorrow morning Jennifer and a bunch of her friends are going up to Six Flags amusement park in Massachusetts for the day. Nancy should be back home sometime in the afternoon.

Notify List

I've decided to set up a notify list for this journal. It will be a hand-made list -- no e-group sign-up needed -- just send me an email asking to be added to the list. I'll be putting the list under bcc so nobody else will see your email address.


Sasha's Journal

Sasha's ISP is having problems -- she can't get to her site to update and so she has been sending updates to her notify list. In an email today she asked for people on her notify list to post an announcement about her ISP problems to let readers who are not on her notify list but who might try to get to her site and think that she had taken it down or something. And yes, Travis has his site at the same ISP and his site is also down.

That's Sasha: I'd Rather Eat Glass and Travis: A Moveable Feast.

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