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Click for photo of pasture
Cows in pasture on the way to Southeast Light

Click for Block Island
View of "downtown" on the island

Click for Block Island
View of town from ferry pier

Click for Nancy on ferry
Nancy on ferry leaving Block Island

Click for photo of ferry
Passing the next ferry leaving Point Judith on its way to Block Island, dark clouds and rain making it an early evening

Click for flowers
Some flowers in our front yard

Click for front porch view
View from my front porch -- see entry for August 26th (yes, that's a very big boulder)

Block Island Pictures -- 08/30/00

So, one week ago today Nancy and I and our bicycles took the ferry to Block Island. I promised to post some pictures from that trip as soon as I got them processed and so here we go...

Southeast Light

Built in 1875, Southeast light stands on Mohegan Bluff, high above the water. When it was built it was two hundred feet from the edge of the cliff; the early 1990's nature had eaten that cliff away until the lighthouse was barely 55 feet from the edge. A fundraising drive brought in two million dollars and in 1993 the entire building was jacked up and moved back so that it is now three hundred feet from the edge. You can find more information (plus pictures) at the Block Island Southeast Light page. (Bonnie: here's another site)

A little further along Mohegan Bluff is a wooden stairway (I lost count, it's between 150 and 160 steps) that allows visitors to descend to the the rocky beach below. (The stairs end well above the high water mark but it's not too bad a scramble down the remaining distance.) So... here we are down by the water...

Okay, just one more... we stopped for lunch (mid-afternoon) at a restaurant that had a second story deck. I claim that I look off balance because I was leaning back against the rail but Nancy says it was the two glasses of Bass Ale. (Ha! She should talk after downing a 16 ounce Mudslide.)

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