Pictures from Norway -- 10/14/00

So... There has been some delay in getting these pictures posted... I had them processed right after I got back using the option to have them loaded to, but something had gone wrong and neither roll ended on that site. I eventually reached tech support at Kodak (which does the actual processing) and they agreed that the pictures weren't there and asked me to take the negatives back to CVS and have them sent back to be rescanned. (They also said if I would send them my address they'd send me a free roll of film and a coupon for free processing, which I did and they kept their word.) So the pictures did get rescanned, but then I had a business trip to Cleveland... at last I'm home and have some time. I got most of them copied to my hard drive and loaded up to Geocities. I'm still fighting with over three or four more pictures... They insist that you must register with their site and then sign in... and I have not been able to get the last few pictures because I keep getting an error message telling me my session expired and I need to sign in, but after I sign in again I get the same stupid error message. CVS is really pissing me off. I think I will take any future business elsewhere.

Me by a fountain Me in front of the NasjonalGalleriet

Oslo has a lovely waterfront and harbor area, cruise ships, ferries, sailboats, powerboats, floating restaurants, even Viking ships. It is a popular area for strolling (although I imagine not in winter!) with many shops and restaurants nearby.
Oslo harbor areaOslo harbor area
Viking ship in Oslo harborAn island in Oslo harbor
A foggy morning in OsloVigeland Park
Just to show you I didn't spend all of my time on the waterfrontThat's Hamid (my colleague) and me in a harbor area restaurant... DS/Louise (what we'd call SS/Louise in English)... as you can see, it has a definite nautical decor. Their food was good, too.

So... this has been a bit delayed, hasn't it? I do have more pictures but not enough time to put them up here. Okay, so it wouldn't take too long just to slap up a page with a couple dozen pictures in it, but only people with DSL or cable connections would have the bandwidth to download such a big chunk of data... I'd like to set it up with thumbnails to click on and that's what I don't have time to do...

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