Dangerous Curves -- November 19, 2000

My daughter and I drove up to Boston yesterday to see Dangerous Curves -- an exhibition of guitars -- all kinds of guitars, medieval ancestors, nineteenth century, twentieth century, blues guitars, jazz guitars, rock guitars, Gibson and Fender and Les Paul -- with a really neat Walkman-sized gadget that let you type in a key number for each group of guitars and hear a discussion of that guitar (or group of guitars) and a sample of someone playing it (and you could also listen to more extended musical selections) -- also video screens showing loops of old advertising flyers, lithographs, grainy black and white movie footage of 1920's groups, etc. -- and a huge video screen showing a loop of clips of performances ranging from Buddy Holly and the Crickets to Eric Clapton to Jimmi Hendrix to Bonnie Rait (even including a brief clip from the guitar store scene in Wayne's World) -- If you should find yourself in the Boston area sometime between now and Feb. 25th you really should check it out -- we thoroughly enjoyed it -- spent a good two hours going through the exhibit -- Boston's Museum of Fine Arts -- admission to Dangerous Curves is $16 ($14 seniors/students) or free for MFA members.

After lunch at the museum we then spent a couple more hours wandering around looking at paintings. A very pleasant day.

This is a lovely cool and sunny weekend (of course this time of year, posting this a few minutes before one in the afternoon means I have less than three and a half hours left before sunset.

I scanned in two photographs today... one is several years old and one was taken this past winter.

This is a picture of our old house in upstate New York, probably taken in the mid-1980's. We live in a house that is about eighty years newer and has more room and we live in a beautiful area of Rhode Island, not far from the shore... but I miss that cozy old house and our old neighborhood and the wonderful people who lived in our neighborhood.

Me and my little boy (*grin*) -- this was taken back during this past winter when he was a 14 yr old high school freshman and I was about ten or twelve pounds heavier than I am now (and although it may not look it here because of the heavy sweatshirt I was wearing, he was about twenty pounds heavier than me at that time -- a big kid).

Okay, that's it... brief entry... have groceries to buy and chores to do and hope to get in a nice run. This will be my last chance to practice a five mile run before Thanksgiving Day when I'm going to run in the Newport Pie Run -- I've got an appointment to donate blood tomorrow, so that will rule out any other serious attempt to run before Thursday. (I don't expect to run fast -- especially with all of those weeks of almost no running -- but I would like to feel that I could successfully run the entire five miles!)

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