Root Canal -- 12/05/00

Yeah, that was the highlight of my day -- undergoing a root canal procedure.

This is the first one I've had in several years... but this is probably the fifth root canal I've had done (maybe the sixth?)... and it didn't seem that bad. Certainly not as bad as gum surgery. It's been more than twenty years since I had full mouth gum surgery and I'd still rather not think too much about it. Had a few touch-ups since then but my mouth has basically been holding together. I have been a bit concerned in recent months, however... increased sensitivity to hot and cold, etc....

The novacaine has worn off and I'm not feeling much discomfort so...

So where've I been? Busy... I got in a couple entries just before Thanksgiving and then... just got busy...

I did run that five mile race Thanksgiving morning... finished 941st place... of course if I'd started the race when the other runners did I would have finished somewhere around 850th place. Yeah, I was a bit late getting there, so by the time I signed in and picked up my race number and got to the starting line the other runners were out of sight, the race having started almost five minutes earlier. I caught up with the walkers and passed them (there was a 5k walk as well as a 5 mile run) and eventually caught up with the runners... well, the slower runners. It was a chilly morning but at least the wind wasn't as bad as in some previous years. I got some exercise and enjoyed myself.

After the race I stopped into my office to check Lotus Notes mail and then quickly headed home. A quick shower and then get busy setting up snacks. Shortly past noon we had two dozen guests... Thanksgiving dinner was at my mother-in-law's house but we hosted hors d'oerves at our house to allow dinner preparation to proceed without guests underfoot.

Nancy found a clever project to keep some of the little ones busy -- in fact, the older kids joined in as well. Build a sugary sweet turkey... open up an Oreo cookie... lay one half flat as a base and turn the other half upright and stick it to the base with the "Oreo stuff" Use the frosting to "glue" on malted milk balls and red cinnamon candies (head and eyes) and candy corn (feathered tail). .

Jennifer pitched in to help. The kids were gathered around the kitchen island while grown-ups watched and chatted and munched on munchies and consumed various beverages. (Guiness Stout, Harp Lager, Bass Ale... I figure if I am going to restrict caloric intake, I want the beer I do drink to be good beer.)

(That's Nancy on the far right side of the picture and Jennifer next to her. Yes, her bright red hair has faded to sort of cotton candy pink.) And here are some of the completed turkeys (please note that many of them were eaten almost as soon as they were assembled.)

This past weekend, Sean invited a couple of his buddies to sleep over... Remember when sleepovers meant bringing a sleeping bag? One of his friends brought a Sega Dreamcast (and a stack of games) and the other brought his computer (and a stack of CDs)... Sean brought his tv down from his bedroom along with his Nintendo64 and borrowed his sister's tv and her Playstation. So our kitchen became a kind of electronic command center.

Two computers, two televisions, three game consoles, one VCR. Three 15 year old boys. Lots of pizza and soda.

(Yeah, that's Sean with the orange hair and the goatee.)

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