Merry Christmas -- 12/24/00

After all the long hours at work and the travel and all the shortages of time I've encountered the past few months, it feels so good to slow down and relax for a few days.

We got a couple of inches of snow on Thursday and it's been cold enough that lawns are still snow-covered, so we do have (just barely) a bit of a white Christmas look.

Things are quiet here. Much to my amazement I have everything wrapped... usually I find myself attempting to wrap a dozen presents late on Christmas Eve... It's late afternoon as I am writing this, the sun has set and night is descending. I've turned on the Christmas lights.

Nancy has gone to church for the Christmas pageant (she teaches a Sunday school class). Sean is working (bagging groceries in a supermarket) and I'll be picking him up at six p.m. Jennifer is up in her room with her Sims on her computer. Unfortunately Adam and Leah cannot make it here for Christmas. They are getting married in July -- a date that will rapidly approach -- in upstate New York and they needed to use this time-off from work to get up there to do wedding planning and start making reservations and arrangements.

Just a quiet dinner at home tonight. Friday night Nancy and I went out to dinner with some of her tennis friends. Last night we went out to dinner with her sister and her husband. Tomorrow we'll be having Christmas dinner at Nancy's mother's house. Nancy's youngest brother, a Marine Corps officer, will be visiting from California along with his girlfriend. Also the sister we went out to dinner with and her family... and also another sister and her teenaged son... Not quite as many as at Thanksgiving time, but a nice gathering.

Wishing you a very happy holiday, whichever holiday you celebrate.

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