Where am I on Friday -- 01/10/03

Friday Five

1. Where are you right now ?

Working on my ThinkPad at my desk in the den (which doubles as my home office) of my house in South County, Rhode Island. I'm working from home today and this is my lunch break.

2. What time is it ?

It's about twelve-thirty.

3. What are you wearing ?

A pair of Brooks running shoes (about a year old, don't remember which model, probably Road Warriors -- size eleven), black denim jeans, dark navy turtleneck, dark charcoal shirt. (Oh yeah, remembering last week's Friday Five, my wedding ring, Timex digital watch, eyeglasses.)

4. Are any people or animals around you ? Describe them.

Tiger, the family feline, is taking his noontime nap. He is a grey mound of fur, curled up on a blue chair. My daughter, having come home from her third shift job around seven-thirty this morning, is asleep upstairs in her room. She has bright red hair this month (last month it was purple). She is a 20 year old college student (computer science) and a supermarket third shift shelf-stocker. (My wife is at work and my youngest is at school.)

5. What are your plans for the weekend ?
Hmmm, not precisely sure. Might see a movie. Might see a play. My daughter and I have been talking about seeing Gangs of New York. She and I went to see Harry Potter on Sunday night. Nancy did not come with us, but I know that she would like to see that film and I would not mind seeing it again. However, there is a pair of one act plays by a local playwright being presented tonight and tomorrow night and I think it might be interesting to see them. Grocery shopping. I have an appointment at nine a.m. tomorrow to donate blood. I'll probably spend some time working on some projects for work (the same stuff I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon workin on, as soon as I get this posted to Geocities). Maybe get in a long bike ride or a run on Sunday (will probably do treadmill and weights early Sat. a.m. before blood donation, not supposed to exercise afterward).

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