During the Storm -- 02/17/03

Snowy day...

I cleared the driveway and the path to our front porch a little past seven this morning... there was around an inch to an inch and a half of snow.

I cleared the driveway and the path to our front porch a little past ten this morning... there was around six inches of snow... some drifting beginning to take place... there was a bare patch in front of the left garage door but snow was almost eight inches deep in front of the right door. I picked that time to shovel again because my daughter was going out to hang out at a friend's house, maybe do some role-playing gaming, maybe go sledding (anything but be trapped at home by a storm).

Our driveway is roughly twenty feet wide and from the garage all the way to the street is maybe fifty feet. (I had it all measured last summer when we did the lawn but I don't remember the exact measurements now... the heavier the snowfall, the larger the driveway feels!) There is about a hundred feet of sidewalk (yes, I've subtracted out the length of sidewalk that I included in the driveway) but although I always try to have the sidewalk cleared, I did not attempt to clear it during those first two shoveling expeditions... won't be anyone out walking in this storm anyway.

Around two-thirty I went outside to shovel with Sean... we cleared the driveway and the path to the front porch and I did part of our sidewalk. Sean then went across the street to help a neighbor shovel his driveway. By the time he finished that, more snow had fallen and been blown by the wind so that he spent more time attempting to clear the driveway again. I would guess that the total accumulation has been well over a foot, perhaps fourteen or fifteen inches, but it getting really hard to tell because of the blowing and drifting.

Jennifer is still at her friend's house. After Sean and I shoveled, I phoned her to suggest that she not attempt to drive home because our street had accumulated six to eight inches since the last plow had gone through. Later she phoned home to say they were going to walk into town (Main Street is not too much more than half a mile or so from her friend's house). I phoned her again as I was beginning to fix dinner -- she was in Shaw's Supermarket -- more like two miles from her friend's house -- they were buying plastic toboggans to go sledding with tomorrow.

One of Sean's buddies is over. Before dinner they spent almost an hour building an igloo out front. As soon as they finished dinner they went right back out and are busy with their snow construction project. Here's a picture... Yeah, kind of wintery looking out there....

Well, Nancy and I rented Sweet Home Alabama and Bourne Identity last night so I think I'll post this up to Geocities and go watch one of them. Stay warm!

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