After the Storm -- 02/18/03

I worked from home today.

Oh, I could have gone in to the office... I was up around seven a.m. and the main roads were plowed and it wouldn't have taken too much shoveling to get the end of my driveway cleared (and, after all, I had to do it sooner or later) but I was just too tired to want to spend an hour driving my usual half hour commute and ditto for the return home and I had lots of work I could just as easily do here in my den as I could in my Dilbert cube... so I worked from home.

I did not use my treadmill or exercise bike yesterday or today. Mother Nature provided quite enough exercise opportunities. My daughter cleared away a lot of the snow piled up by passing snowplows at the driveway entrance this morning so she could get her car out to go to a friend's house for role play gaming. (Her college was closed today, as were most colleges in the state.)

Around four p.m. today -- while Sean was out with my car to pick up his girlfriend -- I went outside with a shovel to widen the driveway a bit while it was empty of cars -- as the day had worn on yesterday and we were fighting the falling snow and the wind-blown drifting snow, it seems the snow encroached a bit more each time we shoveled, and the cleared area kept getting narrower.

It began to snow.

The prediction is that we'll only get an inch of so of snow accumulation from this bit of afterthought storm. Hardly enough to even think about after what the main storm dumped on us (twelve to twenty-four inches "depending on location" is what they say... I would guess we got at least eighteen inches here, perhaps twenty, but eventually it was drifting so much that it was difficult to be sure).

Tiger gazing through the slider doors at the snow on the deck.

My New England Runner 2003 Road Race Calendar came in today's mail! Grab yellow high-lighter and go through it marking races in which I have an interest... a process that makes me realize how close the Kelley's Pace Hare Hop 5k race has become -- only a week and a half away -- Sunday, March 2nd!

I was in considerable pain last week from the plantar fascitis in my left heel but it seems to be much better this week. Of course I haven't attempted a run, not even an easy jog on the treadmill to test it, but maybe I can get away without a visit to the podiatrist for a cortisone shot. My assumption was that using my exercise bike would have my legs in shape to run five kilometers (not to actually race 5k, just to run it at an easy pace) but that plan was thrown off by my Las Vegas trip (the Flamingo has a fitness center with exercise bikes, but they want twenty dollars per day to use it!)

My daughter had said she might run that with me but I don't think she has been doing any training. She has also said that she would train this summer so that she could run the Narraganset Lion's Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile race with my brother and me at the end of July. I guess I should point out some of the up-coming early season races to her, maybe get her to begin working out.

There aren't any Rhode Island races listed until late April (at least that I've spotted on this first pass through the calendar) -- then I'll have to chose between a 5k on Saturday, April 26th or a 5 mile run on Sunday April 27th (or the James Joyce Ramble 10k in Dedham, MA, also that Sunday... a race I've often thought about running) -- I will attempt to run in one of those races -- since my birthday is on the 29th, that will be my last race before moving into a new age group.

Which means my first race at age 60 would be the South County Hospital's Run for Your Life 5k on May 3rd.

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