Caught in the act -- 03/09/03

It's a bright day out there again today -- blue skies -- warm sunshine -- temperature in the upper 40's.

Our kitchen has a bay window area that gets lots of sunshine and Nancy has a lot of plants taking advantage of that light. As those of you who share your homes with cats and plants well know, from time to time some of those plants will show signs of having been attacked by some leaf-nibbling creature... and I have obtained photographic proof of the identity of the felonious feline responsible.
Here is our daredevil feline, performing his highwire balancing act on the wicker plant stand while sampling various flavors of foliage.

One of Nancy's sisters came over to Rhode Island for the weekend, along with her teenage daughter. Nancy and I got together with them (plus Janet, her Rhode Island dwelling sister and her husband and their two teenage daughters) at Champlin's for lunch. Long-time readers will no doubt recall me having mentioned Champlin's a number of times as being one of our favorite seafood restaurants.

Rhode Island is, quite rightly, well-known for fresh seafood. When you eat at Champlin's you can look out the window -- or, in summer, eat on their deck which has a good view of their dock (*grin*) -- and see the local fishing fleet. (And watch some feathered seafood lovers circle around, looking to steal a meal.)

We also gathered for dinner at Nancy's mother's house and, in addition to her mother and our lunchtime crew, a nephew and his girlfriend were there and our daughter joined us as well. (Sean was out on a date with his girlfriend.)

It's spring break time and Jennifer is heading off tonight -- first stop is Vermont (where she may get in one more afternoon of snowboarding -- and then on to Toronto for a few days. (Originally she had been planning on going to Montreal, but then decided that it had been years since she had been to Toronto.) I pointed out that most college students head south for spring break, not north... she said I should know that she's never been a conformist.

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