About Crying Wolf -- 03/16/03

In my last entry I told about how our daughter fooled us into believing that she was stuck on the other side of the border, that the U.S. border patrol wouldn't let her back into the country because she only had a photocopy of her birth certificate instead of the original document.

She had just been joking... she proclaimed that she had just "pulled a Charlie" on us -- a reference to my brother's penchant (in his younger days) for spinning elaborate fanciful tales, especially on the telephone -- and I said that I would have to remind her about The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.

My brother cut back on his pranks after he found that he had, indeed, cried wolf too often. He was about my daughter's age -- and was driving a little Triumph Spitfire. [In the picture of me and my VW -- the one on my home page -- you can just make out the front of his car on the other side of my bug] He was driving through a residential neighborhood when another car ran a stop sign and struck his right front fender -- and then quickly drove off. This was in late spring, still daylight, people sitting on front porches after dinner... an older couple invited him to come in and use their phone to call the police, etc. When he called home and our mother answered, she wouldn't believe him -- he had to hold the phone out and ask for someone to assure her that he had really just been in an accident. (Mom said later that those people must have thought that Charlie had terrible parents, but I told her that he'd tricked me too many times and I wouldn't have believed him either.) After that Charlie
stopped telling tall tales to family members.
Yes, yet another picture of our driveway... this one was taken just before 8:00 a.m. on Friday (March 14th) As with the other recent driveway pictures (like March 6th and March 7th) this is a wintery scene. But then yesterday was mild and today brought bright sunshine and really mild temperatures -- the weather bug claimed that Providence hit 63° but I think we were in the upper fifties around here. What a difference in just two days. My son was driving around in a t-shirt. (I'm wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt but he is wearing short sleeves... ah, yes, but he is a teenager.)
Tiger was happy to see the sunshine. All winter he hops up on this stool by the kitchen windows to look outside and meows at us, hoping that we'll open the window a few inches so he can fit his head into the opening to study the outside world. Today Nancy opened the window wide so he could get into his absolute favorite window position, stretched out on the window sill to nap in the sunshine. (He'd dashed out onto the deck while Nancy was shaking out rugs, but stopped short at the steps when he realized the backyard was still covered with that white cold stuff that he doesn't like.)

We celebrated Nancy's mother's birthday yesterday. We (i.e., her children and their spouses/significant others) are getting her a computer for her birthday (Gee, dude, it's a Dell and it is being shipped -- if I interpreted the online tracking info correctly, it reached our post office late Saturday afternoon, so I'm hoping it will be delivered on Monday). She has been using one of those internet email appliances, but she would like to be able to view and print emailed photographs, search websites, chat with her children and grandchildren, etc., so we figured it was time for her to have a real computer.

Although Jennifer had come back Thursday night from her spring break snowboarding in Vermont and visit to Montreal, she'd taken off again on Friday for a weekend of "Live Action Role Play Gaming" somewhere in Connecticut (she just got back a little while ago, tired and muddy). Sean, however, came with us to Grandma's house... so I was able to get this picture of Nancy with our baby boy.

I was in an extended email debate about the coming war with Iraq on Bev Sykes' mailing list today. I certainly am not a fan of war -- my father was in the D-Day landings in World War II and I know something of what that cost him although he was never physically wounded -- and having a son just two months away from his 18th birthday is another very personal reason for me to prefer peace over war. However, I have become convinced, as distasteful as it may be, that there is no good alternative to this war. Alternatives, yes, there are always alternatives, appeasement may work for a while... but at what ultimate cost?

This war is, I fear, is very close, probably this week...

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