Monday Miscellany -- 04/14/03

Today didn't start out very well for me...

I woke up with a sinus headache. Got up, took a couple aspirin, used some nasal decongestant, took a short ride to nowhere on the exercise bike in the basement, came back up into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee.

Dropped the coffee cup.

Bang! Onto the kitchen floor. Amazingly, the cup didn't break. The splash pattern of the coffee was also amazing. I ended up with coffee on my face and all over my shirt.

There was also coffee on the wall and the cabinets and the oven door -- not to mention the floor. Clean up the spill, take my shirt off and rinse it quickly so it wouldn't stain.

A little while later my daughter came into the kitchen and asked "What's that on the ceiling?"


Somehow that breakfast blend tsunami managed to spurt almost nine feet into the air.

So... when you start the day by spilling coffee on the ceiling... it is perhaps best not to even attempt to write a coherent disquisition on anything. (Yes, by the way, the background image is of coffee beans.) So I thought I would simply share with you a few URLs that I find to be interesting and/or entertaining.

  • The ultimate 404 error message. You've gotten them, error code 404, file not found. This one takes two or three amusing minutes to work itself out.
  • The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business. The third annual round-up (from Business 2.0 magazine) of truly inspired stupidity, from ill-conceived advertising campaigns to dubious ethical moves.
  • Economists. Watch the economists watch numeric trends.
  • Find Your Spot. This is a quiz/poll/survey thingie -- answer the questions and it will name half a dozen places to live that would be just right for you. (That is, assuming that you want to live somewhere in the U.S.)
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Once upon a time Sega marketed a game called Zero Wing that had a story line with some of the most inadvertantly hillarious Japanese-to-English translations. Those lines (like "All your base are belong to us") were dubbed over the graphics and posted on the Internet, and then used as lyrics and set to a driving techno dance beat resulting in that Internet video to go with it.
  • Kikkoman. Continuing the Japanese theme, this is a video commercial for Kikkoman Sauce, based on a Japanese commercial, but designed for English speaking audiences

I hope you enjoy these spots.

And don't drop your coffee.

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