Four days to go -- 04/25/03

Friday Five

1. What was the last TV show you watched?  The morning news on Channel 10 (Providence).

2. What was the last thing you complained about and what was the problem?  I had to visit the state motor vehicle office to renew my driver's license -- had to take the eye test so I couldn't renew it by mail. Stand in line for half an hour. If you want to renew your car registration you take a number and sit down until your number is called, but if you need to do something about a driver's license you have to stand in line. Makes no sense to me. In both the Wakefield and the Westerly offices they have a double number dispenser -- take one of those numbers for vehicle registrations and one of these numbers for driver's licenses. Visiting the motor vehicle office is always such a joy, made even more delightful today by a pounding sinus headache.

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?  A co-worker has been making a small chest as wedding present for another co-worker and he brought it in for her today. It is about eighteen inches by ten inches and a bit over a foot high, beautifully polished cherry, lovingly hand-crafted. It was awesome.

4. What was the last thing you threw away?  The packaging from some Chinese take-out. I had bought some Chinese food for medical reason. No, seriously... My sinuses have been bothering me on and off for the past week or so. Other people have told me they have been having problems this week also == nice spring weather, lots of rain, Nature is busy outside, producing lots of pollen. I felt some sinus pressure before going to bed last night and then woke up a bit past three a.m. due to sinus pain, a real bad sinus headache. Took aspirin, used nasal spray, etc. Couldn't get back to sleep. Finally, around four-thirty I went down to the basement and did ten or twelve miles on my exercise bike, worked up a sweat and the worst of the pressure went away for a little while. This was a rough day at work but I had too much work to do to be able to take the day off and hide in bed. On the way home from work the idea struck me -- some thing hot and spicy for dinner might help my headache -- maybe some nuclear firestorm buffalo hot wings from The Muse Tavern or, wait, I know, som hot and sour soup from Chen's restaurant -- so I phoned Nancy (since I knew it would be just the two of us for dinner) but she said she had liked the marrinated chicken breasts I had made on Thursday and so she would be happy to eat that, so I just picked up the hot and sour soup and decided to get some General Tso's hot and spicy chicken to go with it. (I don't think I've had that particular combination before -- they both did raise a sweat and cleared my sinuses a bit-- but there was a flavor conflict, there was a sweetness to the hot and spicy chicken that made the hot and sour soup seem extra sour -- so I ate all the chicken and I still have some soup left to reheat for lunch on Saturday.

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?  I checked my Yahoo email account just before leaving work.

Okay -- so that was written Friday night -- but at that point I got a phone call from my eldest offspring -- and by the time I finished talking with him I was too tired to finish (having been up since a bit past three a.m.) and the headache was sticking around, so I decided to leave this to post in the morning. (Oh, the title "Four days to go" referred to my birthday which is coming up on Tuesday, one of those decade birthdays where the rightmost digit will be a zero.)

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