Catching Up -- 05/09/03

I've not been away on a business trip, I've not been ill, I've just been neglecting this journal because I've been extremely busy, too busy to take the time to sit down and write an entry and post it and set the links, etc.

There have been a couple of starts at an entry, ones where I got just about this far and had to put it aside and never got back to it and a couple of times I sat down at my computer at night to write one but was just so tired and so sleepy that I gave up and went to bed. Won't even count the mental entries -- little essays "written" as I sit in merging traffic (the Jamestown bridge still being restricted to one lane in each direction and Rhode Islanders being incapable of understanding how well alternate merge can work if both lanes cooperate and nobody decides to try to gain a few more car lengths of position before they merge) but until technology improves to the point where my car will take dictation and transcribe it into html, that is a futile pursuit.

Yes, yes, you may have seen me posting comments in one blog or another, but that takes but a few minutes to type in and submit... and I fear I am going to have to cut back on that for the next month or so...

I am writing this at 5:30 am.

I am very busy at work, working on writing two complete courses (for two different software products, one dealing with portals and transcoding and J2ME... and the other with translating legacy "green screen" output into html) plus assisting on some other projects... and busy outside of work... and Jennifer is going to be 21 yrs old on Saturday and one week from today Sean will turn 18 and high school graduation is coming in mid-June.

Last Friday Nancy and I went to see a performance of Guys and Dolls, Jr at the school where Nancy teaches (a cut-down version of the Broadway musical, intended for young performers -- apparently there is a market for aging musical, because a couple of years ago we saw a middle school performance of Annie, Jr.) And then on Saturday night we went to a performance of Betty's Summer Vacation (by Christopher Durang, author of Sister Mary Ignatius Explained It All For Us) at 2nd Story Theatre -- an edgy, dark, disturbing comedy. One of the cast members is a friend, a co-worker (work for same company, but no longer in same department -- he was with me at Teotihuacan in Mexico a few years ago).

Yard work. Grocery shopping. The usual stuff.

Last night Nancy and I went to a talent show at her school. Mercifully brief, not much over an hour, but there were some talented kids (including one girl who has a great singing voice) but the high light of the evening for us came when eight female teachers, wearing matching t-shirts with a punning reference to the name of the school (which I am carefully not revealing) and performed the Mary Wells Motown song "My Guy" but with the name of the school subsituted for the words "my guy."

Gotta go -- have to eat breakfast, make lunches, wake Nancy and Sean, etc. and try to get to work early enough (beating the bridge gridlock) that I can get home early enough (again beating the bridge gridlock) to get in a work out then, since obviously I have just used my a.m. workout time writing this.

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