Seven Years Ago -- 09/26/03

I posted my first entry seven years ago -- 1996 -- wow!

When I first started, my entries were all full-width of the page. Full width text, however, is annoying to read and eventually I began using tables to better position the content. Last year I went back to that first entry and put its text into a table so it would be easier to read. Today I changed the table to give the text a white background. (And, while I was at it, did the same thing for the next few entries.) The content has not been changed at all.

Actually, I must admit that I am rather fond of that first entry.

Seven years is long enough for a lot of changes. Gillian was a 14 year old high school freshman; now she is a 21 year old college student. Jeremy was 11 years old and in 6th grade; now is 18 years old and a freshman in college. Prompted by Jill's request that I not use her real name, I spent almost seven years refering to them as Jennifer and Sean in my entries here, until a few weeks ago she suggested that I use their real names. Adam was just a few days short of his 28th birthday (in fact, my fourth entry was "Happy Birthday, Adam"); this coming Tuesday he is going to celebrate his 35th birthday. There have certainly been changes in his life since then. When I wrote my first entry, I don't think Adam had met Leah. Now they've been married more than two years and this summer made me a grandfather. Nancy was a database guru, now she's a math teacher (starting her sixth year of teaching). I'm still with the same company -- although my group has been renamed, reorganized, relabelled, and restructured multiple times (Of the five people eating hot wings and drinking beer in my Attitude Adjustment entry, only two of us are still with the company.) -- and I've recently shifted my focus from writing courses and teaching courses to working on developing the standards and tools to be used in development and to performing quality assurance review of courses before they go to production status.

Here are my first ten entries...
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Seven years... And this is the start of year number eight...

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