Sunday in Manhattan -- 10/27/03

Jill and I took Amtrak down to New York City Sunday morning. This meant that we could visit Adam and Leah, but mostly, of course, we could get to visit Samuel.

I had had trouble sleeping Saturday night and I was really exhausted when my alarm went off Sunday morning. Somehow I managed to climb out of bed, stumble down the stairs, and into the kitchen and fixed coffee.

Saturday night had been turn-back-the-clock night, so in theory I got an extra hour of sleep, but in actuality all I got was perhaps three or so hours of sleep. It's about a three hour train trip and eventually I managed to sleep for most of the final hour.
Samuel and Grandpa
Jill was hungry so we stopped at a restaurant/pub across the street from Madison Square Garden and each got a chicken wrap. Then it was hike over to 34th Street (only a couple of blocks) to the subway (yes, there are subways at Penn Station, but not the line we needed), caught the F train towards Brooklyn, get off at Delancy Street, and have about a fifteen minute (brisk pace) walk to their apartment building.

Samuel has grown so much and changed so much. He's three months old now and weights almost fifteen pounds. He's not really a little infant any longer.

He looks around, smiles, blows bubbles, sticks out his tongue, grabs hold of fingers.
Samuel and Aunt Gillian
At mid-afternoon we put Samuel into his stroller and set off on an expedition, crossing to the other side of Houston. (Note to readers who are not familiar with NY, that street name is looks like that city in Texas but doesn't sound like it; the first syllable sounds like "how" instead of "hew" and it's the source of name for the district called SoHo... for "South of Houston" rather than for the neighborhood in London... however, our walk took us north of Houston and we were east of the SoHo area anyway.) We stopped at a German restaurant on Avenue C, some where between E. 2nd and E. 4th (I wasn't paying close enough attention) and sat at sidewalk tables and enjoyed food and very good beer. (I took some pictures with my 35mm camera, but haven't finished all of that roll of film yet.) Walk back to the apartment, relax with coffee... We are all startled to see how early full night descends upon the city.
Grandpa and Samuel

Alas, this was but a day trip and all too soon Jill and I had to retrace our path back to Pennsylvania Station. (There was an article in the Sunday New York Times that showed the old Penn Station, the gorgeous temple of travel that was torn down forty years ago and replaced with a cheap, cramped, ugly subterranean basement of a train station. I'm just old enough to have seen the real Penn Station when I was a kid and when I first began college.) Well, we did zig-zag a bit on the way there on the subway... I think one of the stations was closed on Sunday nights for construction work because I was counting stations and was off by one so we went one station too far and had to get off and ride one station back (34th and Bryant)... Despite that we still had time to get take-out coffee and a couple cookies for our travel even though Amtrak was almost on time. They called for boarding only a minute or two after the train was scheduled to depart and we actually pulled out of the station a mere ten minutes late.

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