What day of the week is today? -- 01/02/04

I've been mostly on vacation for two weeks.

I've booted up my laptop on three or four of those days and today I actually put in half a day of working... but my daily schedule is so far off that I have difficulty figuring out the day of the week...

I wonder if this is what retirement is like....

After working on actual employment type work this morning, I then did a little more tinkering with this webpage. Yesterday I had shifted the index page around a little bit, added vertical bars separating the columns, made the columns a bit narrower, move a few things to different spots on the page, made an icon for 2004 entries, etc. Today I tinkered with the page listing journals I enjoy reading, added some more, corrected a bad URL, and changed the links to open in a new window.

A bit of lunch and then off to do some shopping -- picked up a DVD to watch tonight, The Life of David Gale (I had first picked up American Wedding but when I got to the counter they told me the customer in front of me had taken the last DVD, all they had left were VHS tapes). Then to the new Belmont supermarket to find something for dinner (fish). Stopped at Camire's Running Soles to say "hi" and see what they had in the way of race entry forms. They're sponsoring one on Sunday at their Mystic store (Connecticut) but I didn't feel up to driving thirty miles to run in a race (I'll wait for the March Hare Hop at that location, maybe I'll have improved my running stamina by then). There's a local race coming up very soon but I'll be on my way to the airport for a business trip so I'll have to miss that one. Picked up the latest copy of Runner's World. Sometime later this month I'll need to get back there and buy a new pair of running shoes.

My what an exciting life! Now I think I'll grab that copy of Runner's World and go down on my exercise bike for a while and then fix some dinner.

A few days ago I mentioned that Nancy moved a small round glass top table into the bay window area of the kitchen and set up a pair of wicker chairs by it. She thought of it as a place for a cup of coffee or perhaps breakfast or lunch. However, since often it is just the two of us for dinner, we have taken to eating dinner there as well. There's sort of a bistro type ambiance about it.

This has now become Tiger's favorite spot for a nap (that wooden stool in the upper right corner is his favorite spot for looking out the window).
Jennifer (no, not the pseudonym I was using for my daughter Gillian until this past autumn; this Jennifer is a Canadian journaler) was discussing taking pictures of a cheese cake and some bread, etc. that she had baked and then was musing about food blogging. I'm not going to food blog (or even word blog) but it amused me to take a picture of tonight's dinner (and, yes, I now realize that I set up this shot wrong, should have had the plates in front of the bread) -- That's nice crusty pain de campagne from Provencal Bakery (Middletown, RI) purchased at Belmont Supermarket.
When we lived in upstate New York and I wanted to fix fresh fish, I would almost always buy fillet of sole. Now that we live on the New England coast, only a few minutes from a major fishing port, I can rarely find sole in local markets. Usually when I ask if they have any sole, the answer all too often is "No, but I have some nice flounder." So this is flounder, cooked with sliced almonds (but "flounder almondine" doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "fillet of sole almondine") -- with steamed asparagus and rice pilaf. The wine glasses hold a California Pinot Grigio.

Oh, this Belmont supermarket I keep mentioning -- they are brand new, only been open a few weeks. They had a produce store (they have a good sized wholesale produce business) and when the RoJack's Supermarket in their small shopping center closed, they decided to take over that space and open their own supermarket -- and finally, a year and a half later, the reconstruction work is finished (well, almost finished, there is still some exterior work being done) -- and I have a new place to shop -- all of the good fresh produce and non-factory bread that they carried before, plus a full deli and a meat and fish dept. plus the usual canned and packaged and frozen food.

Their store is smaller than the competitors (which are owned by large chains) and this is their only market but I'm so happy they are finally open. They've got my business.

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