Wild and crazy stuff -- 01/25/04

The Sunday brunch topic today is WILD AND CRAZY STUFF

1. When you were a teenager, did you sneak out of the house?
I was about to answer "yes" to this but as I thought about it, in order to come up with an example, I realized that I could not recall ever doing it. That is, assuming the question refers to sneaking out in the middle of the night. I went out a few times when I was staying home from school because I was sick (or had faked it successfully) and nobody was home, but I don't think that counts. I did have a number of interesting late night teenaged adventures, but that involved sneaking out of somebody else's house where we were sleeping over... I can recall one summer night in particular when several of us were supposed to be sleeping on a friend's front porch and we got tired of playing poker and took off wandering about at two in the morning until we came to the public beach where a group of sailors (a naval warship was visiting our town as part of the local 4th of July festivities) were partying, complete with booze and women -- it was an eye-opening sight but then the local police, who were hanging about as a safety measure (and to keep the partying confined to the beach area) spotted us and chased us home under threat of calling parents.

2. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
More times than I could count. Oh, as a teenager? Yeah, two or three times at some abandoned docks on the Hudson River. (I'm assuming this question is about coed skinny-dipping, but actually, I'm old enough to remember, back when I was maybe ten or eleven, when swimming at the YMCA was not coed and was done sans swim suits.) As an adult (in my 30's) spent many summers at Empire Lake, a site in upstate New York that belonged to the state university at Binghamton, and which had a tradition of being "clothing optional" from the 1960's and had continued that tradition into the mid-80's when the university finally managed to close it down and sell it off. (I always chose the unclothed option.)

3. Have you ever dyed your hair a wild and crazy color?
No, but my kids have all dyed their hair various wild and crazy colors.

4. Did you ever get so drunk you couldn't remember much of the night?
I can't remember. *grin* No, not really.... but there were a couple of times in college when bits of memory floated to the surface as the hangover receded that were a bit disconcerting.

5. Tell us about something wild and crazy you did as a teenager you probably should have gotten in trouble for but never got caught.

Oh. Oh dear. Uh. I'm not sure about answering this one at all. Well, being 18 is still being a teenager and I did recount some summer of 1961 adventures here and here. (As I am typing this, I see that two people have already answered Sunday Brunch, so let me just say that as a teenager I experienced being on the receiving end of the answers that those two gave to this question. If you don't want to know, don't surf to their responses.)

The cold weather continues here in New England, although at least the low temperatures are staying out of the single digits. And we're probably going to get some snow during the week. I guess that's why January is considered to be a winter month, right? We get winter weather. It is to be expected. Okay, agreed, it is winter. But I am tired of it. I think that spending a week in Las Vegas was not a good thing -- a week of walking around in shirt-sleeve weather (highs were low sixties, lows in the forties) made it difficult to readjust to New England winter. Ah well, more and more seed and garden catalogs arrive each week and the spring flower and garden show is only a few weeks away.

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