Valentine's Day -- 02/14/04

I'll have to make this a short entry -- don't want that background color making anyone feel nauseous. Wait... there, I lightened it up so it isn't quite so hard to take. (And have just made this entry shorter by deleting almost four hundred words of babbling about work.)

Yeah, here it is Saturday -- Saturday night, in fact -- and I've not written an entry since Sunday. It's not that I don't have things to say, it's just that I have been crazy busy with work.

The week just zipped past... and yet Monday and Tuesday seem so long ago that I can hardly remember what I did on those days. Mostly working from home -- which is a good thing in most ways, saves travel time and expense, but I tend to get really caught up in what I'm doing and don't take enough breaks and end up without ever having fitted in time for a run or a workout. Monday and Tuesday, in fact, I did go to the office but then worked from home the rest of the week. (The previous week I had only made it to the office one day out of the week.)

Jill and I had a good time Thursday night. Her radio isn't working and I've just gotten mine fixed (long story involving blown fuses) so I suggested that we should take my car... but that I was so tired that I thought it would be safer if she drove. On the way to Providence we had been listening to WCRI (a commercial classical music station on Block Island) but the signal fades quickly once you leave South County, so we switched to WWBB -- an oldies station where we caught Crusin' Bruce Palmer and the Top Six at Six (which I have mentioned here several years ago) -- and this night he was playing the top six songs from February 12, 1965 -- thirty-nine years ago. This was of special interest to us because I was the same age (21 years old, just a few months short of 22) back then that she is now (she was born May 10, 1982 and I was April 29, 1943).

We ate in Jill's favorite restaurant, a Japanese place in the college student neighborhood where she had briefly had an apartment about a year and a half ago. The food is quite good (and the prices are quite reasonable... a majority of their customers are college age) -- I enjoy going there with her, although my knees aren't all that happy about sitting on the floor (they actually have two dining rooms, one Japanese style and one Western but, of course, it just wouldn't be cool to sit on a chair...) Then off to Warren (which is in that narrow strip of Rhode Island on the east side of Narragansett Bay where the easiest route there goes through Massachusetts) to 2nd Story Theatre to see Moliere's The Learned Ladies -- a frothy delightful farce (in a marvelous rhymed verse translation by Richard Wilbur). Looking around at the audience, Jill commented that she must be the youngest person in the place -- I told her that the one time when Nancy and I were there I felt as if we were probably in the younger half of the audience, which is not a demographic niche in which I find myself very often these days. I bought her a beer at intermission (a glass of wine for me) and she had to present her driver's license to show she was of legal drinking age.

Nancy's off in Westchester County tonight (New York City's suburbs) for a niece's confirmation; she'll be back early Sunday afternoon. We celebrated Valentine's Day last night -- with a nice meal (yes, in the Bistro area of our kitchen -- *grin* -- I fixed a mesclun salad, and some flounder and rice pilaf with almonds and steamed asparagus and a decent chardonnay) -- Nancy baked heart shaped sugar cookies. We don't make that big a deal of Valentine's Day (it comes just eleven days after her birthday) -- I brought her a red long-stemmed rose with baby's breath gave her a Valentine's Day card and a heart pin (both made by Stefani) and she gave me a heart-shaped box of chocolate candy.

However, as Jerry Pournelle noted today:
If your wife or girl friend has told you it's all right to ignore Valentine's Day and you believed her, please make contact with me. I have a very good bridge deal for you.

There's a big difference between playing it low key and ignoring it. (Yes, it will be our 25th anniversary coming up in a few months.)

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