The Concert Circuit -- 02/24/04

This episode's title comes from the theme of this week's Sunday Brunch:

But wait, you say... today is Tuesday, not Sunday! Well, apparently Jeanne (who creates The Sunday Brunch) had computer problems on Sunday, so she didn't post the questions and send out e-mail about them until Monday. I was too busy yesterday to write an entry, but here it is lunch time on Tuesday and I like the questions so I'm going to take a few minutes to answer them (so I suppose I could call this Tuesday Lunch instead of Sunday Brunch?))

1. How far would you travel or the furthest you have travelled to see a concert?
Back in January of 1974 I drove from Endicott, NY to Montreal, Canada -- going by way of Monticello, NY and Kingston, NY -- so it was pretty close to 450 miles of driving -- and it took hours and hours. [This was during the Arab oil embargo days and the government's best efforts at turning a problem into a full-blown crisis by imposing idiotic restrictions and encouraging panic -- and just to go the federal speed limit restrictions one better, New York State decided that if fifty-five mph was a good idea, a fifty mph speed limit was even better. 450 miles. 50 miles per hour maximum speed on the New York State Thruway. A long slow ride -- until we crossed the border into Canada and discovered their speed limits hadn't been lowered and their gas stations would sell gas any day of the week no matter what the last digit of your license plate was.]

It was for a Bob Dylan concert.

2. What is the best concert you've seen?
That Bob Dylan concert in Montreal was great but I want to say Woodstock -- Woodstock wasn't a great concert if you wanted to think in terms of audio quality, etc. -- but it was definitely the ultimate concert experience.

3. What is the worst concert you've seen?
Sometime back around 1980 or so Nancy and I went to a rock concert at SUNY/Binghamton, kind of a low budget, low-key concert, but the opening band was so terrible that we couldn't stand it so we left.

4. Have you met a performer after a concert?
Not anyone with any fame.

5. What singer would you like to meet most?
I don't know if I would want to meet one. I mean, I enjoy them because of their music. Do I really want to meet them and perhaps discover that they are not pleasant people and then have that knowledge taint any future enjoyment of their music?

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