A four ounce egg -- 03/09/04

In the Friday edition (they publish on Wednesdays and Fridays) of our local newspaper The Narragansett Times -- "Serving Narragansett and South Kingstown since 1855" -- they have a feature listing local news items from 100 years ago, 50 years ago, etc.

Under the 100 years ago heading this past Friday they noted that "Mark Premo of Wakefield has a hen that has laid an egg that weighs four ounces. This beats Jerry Quinlan's fowl a half ounce."

I chuckled when I came to that and I read it out loud to Nancy, then continued reading through other century old news items. A few inches further down the column I came to this follow-up item: "Mark Premo's hen that laid a four-ounce egg died a few days after putting the performance of Jerry Quinlan's hen completely in the shade."

That made me burst out laughing.

Oh, c'mon, admit it, that's funny. It isn't laughing at animal suffering; that bird went into the stew pot in 1904.

Sunday was so bright and sunny that I had trouble believing the forecast of snow for Monday. Monday morning the television weather guy was saying New York might get two or three inches but we might not get any. A short time later I was at my laptop in my den while Jill was on my desktop machine when she said "Wow! Look at the snow." It looked like a full-fledged winter storm outside. That burst of snow only lasted a few minutes, although flurries continued on and off most of the day. Lawns were white but roads were mostly just wet where cars were travelling, just some white along the edges. Today continued with a wintery feel to it.

This had been begun as a Monday entry -- but when I went to check the URL for our newspaper I couldn't connect to the Internet. On this computer sometimes my Internet access seems to hang -- but if I restart the problem clears up (and it is the PC and/or its software because at the same time other PCs on our home LAN might be surfing just fine) -- but last night that didn't work. I powered off and went up to bed. I was grumbling about losing my Internet access and Nancy told me she thought she had stolen my connection (we have a four port router but one of the ports stopped working a few weeks ago -- yeah, one of these days I'll get a new one) but that then she couldn't get on either. Jeremy said he had lost access as well. So I reset the modem (unplug it from the electric outlet, wait fifteen seconds, plug it back in again) but neither Nancy nor Jeremy could get on-line. So then I took a look at the router (which is half hidden behind some books on a bookcase next to Nancy's desk) and laughed -- the cable Nancy had unplugged wasn't my Ethernet cable, it was the cable from the cable modem to the router. I plugged it back in and unplugged Jill's cable and plugged Nancy's PC into that port so she could get what she needed from the Internet. Meanwhile, I was too tired to come back down stairs to post a journal entry.

I had been thinking about going into the office this morning but then decided I would work from home -- so about quarter to seven I started my laptop -- but I couldn't get a connection and it was telling me that the Ethernet connection was unplugged. I came back upstairs to check the router and modem. Nancy started to laugh and told me that about two a.m. Jill had slipped into our room and unplugged my cable so she could plug in hers. So naturally this morning I then stole my connection back.

(Hmmm, I really have to get that new router so we can stop these games of musical ports!)

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