Sunday in the city with Sam -- 03/22/04

Nancy and I celebrated the first full day of spring by dashing into New York to visit with Sam.

(Oh, yeah, by the way, we saw Adam and Leah while we were there. Yes, typical grandparent priorities -- they're nice kids, but it's our grandson we are visiting. *grin*)

Having grown tired of enriching Amtrak (it's a bit over a hundred dollars per person round trip) we drove on I-95 most of the way across Connecticut to the city of Stamford where we caught a Metro-North train into New York City. (About 125 miles of driving from our house to the train station, then a 50 minute train ride if you can catch an express.)

Lunch served by Grandpa.
Sammy is getting to be so big! And he is getting so grown up. He hasn't been a little infant for a long time, but now he is on the verge of graduating from baby status.

He is almost ready to crawl; you can tell he's working on it. He also loves to hold onto your fingers so that he can be in a standing position. (Adam didn't walk until after his first birthday, but Jill was walking at nine months and Jeremy a couple of weeks younger than Jill.)
Nancy is thrilled to get to play with Sammy.
It was a brisk, windy day out but we bundled Sammy up nice and warm and went for a walk to a neighborhood park.

He loves swings!

Yes, I took lots of pictures in the park, but that was with a film camera so posting those will have to wait until I get the film processed. (My digital is okay with flash, but the color balance is very off with natural light -- I think it has taken a few too many bumps and bangs.)
Future sand castle builder.

We're all looking forward to Sam visiting Rhode Island so we can take him to parks and playgrounds in our town and to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence and, most of all, to the beach to splash in the water and play in the sand.

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