March miscellany -- 03/28/04

The weather has been much pleasanter this week. I got in a nice three and a half mile run along the bikepath at lunchtime on Thursday and then Saturday was so nice and mild (around fifty) that I did the same run in shorts and t-shirt. This morning was extremely windy -- from the whistling and howling you would expect to look out the window and see a blizzard -- and, although the winds appear to have calmed somewhat now, there is still an occasional gust that whips the tree branches about. I think I'm going to stick with the exercise bike in the basement. I've got a sore toe from yesterday so I think I'll pass on pavement pounding until tomorrow.

This past week has just zipped past in a blur of work. (Oh, you noticed that by the lack of an entry since last Sunday.) As I may have mentioned, there's usually a team of three of us doing the QA review and edit process but temporarily there are just two of us doing the job but that's not slowing down the amount of work. In fact, I've been working much of the afternoon today, just taking a little journal break now.

Feeling old -- perhaps due to 61st birthday coming up in a month -- perhaps due to my "baby" brother mentioning that in two years he and his wife will both be sixty years old and will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Everybody keeps getting older. In May Jill will be 22 and Jeremy will be 19. In June Nancy and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.
And Tiger is going to be ten years old.

No longer a kitten...

And then there's Samuel, eight months old and growing rapidly...

Adam e-mailed a couple of picture he had taken last weekend of me playing on the floor with Sam. I snipped off part of one to post here: call it "grabbing Grandpa's eyeglasses."

Getting back to running for just a moment.... I've got to make sure that I don't skip workouts... whether using my exercise bike (or riding a real bike outdoors) or jogging or whatever, I've got to stop being too busy to take some time for myself. It's not just for my own amusement and enjoyment, it's a question of health. Okay, end of lecture to myself.

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