Happy Easter -- 04/11/04

Bonnie sent an e-mail in response to yesterday's entry, saying that it made her grin to picture me coloring Easter eggs. Well, I guess it must make me smile because I cannot recall a year when I did not color eggs for Easter. This year all I had to do was mention to Jill that I was thinking of putting some eggs on to boil and she was all set to color eggs with me. We think alike in many ways. This is a picture of this year's batch of eggs... only did eighteen on them, probably five or so are mine and the rest are Jill's. (Yeah, I probably should have put at least two dozen in the pot to boil.) There is just something so cool about coloring eggs....

Lazy morning with the Sunday paper -- Nancy had gone to Easter Vigil service last night. I did a couple loads of laundry, surfed a few Web pages, read the paper... A bit past noon I began with dinner preparations, fixing a turkey to bring over to Nancy's mother's house for Easter dinner... plus gravy, of course, and mashed potatoes and dressing (to which I added finely chopped onions and celery and apple) and there was a ham cooked there plus Nancy's sister Janet fixed salad and various veggies (a dish of green beans and almonds that was very tasty) and before dinner we sat around eating various veggies and chips and dips, some of which was brought by Tom and Janet's son Mike and his girlfriend Liz (but after awhile -- and a few glasses of wine -- one loses track of who brought which particular comestible). Good times visiting and talking and eating. Oh, yeah, and some yummy desserts too. (Yes, and Silvie was there too.)

Jill just got back from her snowboarding trip to Vermont.

We have got to figure out what we are going to wear to a fancy charity gala being held on May 1st. My brother and his wife are being honored at a gala dinner dance over in the mid-Hudson valley area for thirty years of volunteer effort for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Nancy is hooked up with a graduate course that meets on three Saturdays and that is one of those Saturdays. Her class finishes around five o'clock and the gala starts at six -- somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred seventy-five miles away. And she can't cut the class short. So Gillian and I are planning on attending. This is a black tie affair, with Renaissance attire optional. Jill was going to wear the dress she bought for her uncle Matt's wedding and I was going to rent a tux -- and then we got to thinking about the Renaissance option -- wouldn't that be cool to wear sixteenth century costumes? So we are trying to find a costume shop -- preferably rental -- that is not too terribly far away. Thus far the closest we can find (this not being Halloween season) is in Waltham, a suburb of Boston. (Yes, I know you can do this kind of thing on the Internet, but I would like to try them on and see what they look like.) Have to figure something out very quickly because if we can't find costumes, I need to set up a tuxedo rental quickly.

And now it's time to watch the Sopranos....

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