Comment-enabled -- 06/16/04

I had been thinking for some time now about adding comment capability to my site.

Emily has comments (and her online journal is older than mine); Bonnie has comments; John Scalzi has comments; Stephanie has comments; Stefani has comments; Wilma has comments; The Old Grey Poet has comments; The Domestic Goddess has comments; yes, and lots of other people whose journals and/or blogs I read have comments -- yeah, especially the bloggers -- but I've listed enough. The point has been made.

And especially Mike and Liz have comments. Why especially Mike and Liz? Because Mike e-mailed me today to bug me about the lack of comments on my pages. I tried to plead inertia and lack of time, but it's not like I'd have to write my own code. (Mike probably did write his own code for their site; they host their pages on their own server. Mike's an uber-techie and professional programming guru and Liz is an aspiring fashion designer and a talented artist/photographer who is also very sharp with computer technology.)

So Mike's e-mail prompted me to stop by HaloScan.com and add comments -- starting with this entry.

Today is our 25th anniversary. Well, it's our first 25th anniversary... the other one will come next week.

That makes sense to people who have been visiting here long enough to recall that Nancy and I wanted to write our very own ceremony but didn't have anyone legally entitled to perform weddings who would do our ceremony, so we solved that problem by having two weddings. On June 16, 1979 we were married by a city judge in Binghamton, NY. On June 23rd we held our own ceremony (in Nancy's family's backyard) where, with the help of some friends, we proclaimed ourselves to be married. That's the anniversary that we consider to be our real anniversary.

Tonight was the "8th grade social" at Nancy's school. The school system's policy is to keep graduation from middle school a low key kind of thing, they don't want the kind of overboard big deal that things like this can become in some communities. The graduation ceremonies next week will be on a weekday morning in the school gymnasium, no caps and gowns. There is no graduation prom. Instead they let the kids stay kids a little bit longer. The "social" ran from six until eight-thirty. It was held in the school cafetorium (do people use that term outside of the U.S.? It's a cafeteria with a stage at one end so it can be used as a cafeteria or as an auditorium.) Pizza, grilled chicken, turkey wraps and tuna wraps, soda, lemonade, cake and cookies. There was a disk jockey playing loud music but very little dancing. Most of the girls seem to be about two years ahead of the boys in social maturity. The big event of the evening was signing yearbooks. They tried to hold off distributing the yearbooks in the hopes that the kids would concentrate on eating first, but all they wanted was to get their books so they could pass them around and get their friends to write in them.

Then we came home and changed into exercise clothes and went down to the basement. Nancy walked on the treadmill for a bit over half an hour and I rode the exercise bike for an hour and then spent another ten minutes or so working out with handweights, doing situps (oh, okay, we're supposed to call them ab-crunches these days, right?), etc.

And so (as Sam Pepys would say) to bed...

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