Scenes from a wedding -- 06/23/04

There we are -- Saturday, June 23, 1979 -- in the backyard of Nancy's parents in Yorktown, New York. Having already taken care of the legal aspects by being married in chambers by a judge in Binghamton, NY (where Nancy and I were living) the previous Saturday, we wrote our own wedding ceremony where we proclaimed ourselves to be married, assisted by Ron as Best Man and Louise as Maid-of-Honor.
We had musical accompaniment provided by Cathy (Nancy's friend since childhood) and by Tom (Nancy's sister Janet's husband).

The wedding ceremony was held on the patio at the back of the house, with the wedding guests on folding chairs on the lawn. After the ceremony, the chairs were moved to the tables that were set for the party and the patio was cleared to make room for the band and for dancing.

This photo shows three couples dancing -- from left to right: the parents of the bride, the bride & groom, and the parents of the groom.

Nancy's parents:
Jane and Bob Dreier
My parents:
Edith and Ted
And here are some of the kids at the wedding...

That's my son Adam in the middle there -- I had pictures of his wedding in 2001 and, of course, last summer, there were picture s of baby Samuel) -- Adam is flanked by my brother Charlie's kids: Chad on the left and Melissa on the right.       These pictures were all taken by Nancy's sister Karen. This is her son Greg with Nancy's youngest bother Matt (see his wedding here and here).

It was a great wedding! We had good live music for dancing. Lots of good food and drink. And, most important, we had family and friends to help us celebrate.

Here's a traditional wedding ring picture.

The party was still going strong when we had to leave to catch our British Airways flight to England. I'll probably post a few pictures of London in a future entry.

How could twenty-five years have passed so quickly?

[Our trip to London: part one, part two, and part three.]

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