Catching up -- 07/11/04

I was busy at work Tuesday through Friday, catching up on a backlog of work (e-mail, reports and memos, etc.) that had accumulated while I took vacation days and getting started on new projects. I also need to do some catching up on this journal, having neglected it for a week.

Can't scan in those 1979 pictures because the den is still torn apart and the scanner is stashed out of the way. But I was too busy with work (oh, okay, and with recreational activities as well) so I haven't finished emptying the room enough for the painting to proceed. Ah well, eventually.

There's a family fun run held on the URI campus every Wednesday night during the summer. When we first lived here and Jill was running cross country, we would be there each week. Since then it's ceased being a whole family activity (although maybe years ago Jeremy came with me a few times to run the mile) and is usually just me. And I get busy or have schedule conflicts and begin to skip a week or two... Two years ago I was having problems with plantar fascitis that cut back on my running. I can't remember for sure, but I think I only have gone once last summer, if at all. So, being determined this summer to get back into shape and lose some weight (ah, yes, where have you heard that before?) -- anyway, I went to URI this Wednesday and ran. They start with a one mile run and then follow that with both a three mile and a file mile run (these are run simultaneously using the same start and finish points -- you can run which ever one you want) -- generally alternating from one week to the next between running on relatively flat courses or hilly courses. This week (fortunately) was a flat week. So I ran the mile and then the three mile -- and my combined time was a lot less than I had run in that four mile race last Sunday. I think this was partly because I had probably five or ten minutes to rest between the mile and the three mile runs and partly because it was cooler (both because it was a cooler day and because it was late in day).... I tend to melt when trying to run in too much heat.

Jill and I went out on one of our father-daughter evenings on Thursday -- as usual dinner at Sakura (Japanese restaurant on Wickenden Street in Providence) and then to 2nd Story Theatre in Warren to see Paul Osborn's Mornings at Seven. It was a very pleasant evening -- Jill's favorite restaurant plus an entertaining play. 2nd Story Theatre is also doing Picnic and All My Sons this summer and using the same set for all three plays. This is sort of theatre-in-the-round -- except it is rectangular -- they have their space configure for these plays with the audience on both sides of a rectangular stage floor with the back of a house at each end of the rectangle; thus, the (bare) stage is the backyard between these two houses. We both enjoyed this play and are looking forward to both of the next two.

Yesterday was a high school graduation party for my niece Lauren. Good party -- pre-schoolers running around the yard with various teenagers, young kids in the swimming pool, teens and young adults playing volleyball and badminton, and the rest of us busy eating and talking. Mike and Liz were there with Silvie (the graduate being Mike's younger sister) and, should you be interested, Mike has posted pictures (check his site) (I am in this picture talking with niece Kristen and with Liz; in this one with Jeremy.). This morning Lauren and her father along with Nancy and two of her sisters and one of her brothers and her mother all headed to the airport to catch a flight to Chicago for another niece's wedding today.

It's time for Six Feet Under but I am so tired I think I am going to post this and just go to bed and read for a few minutes before falling asleep. Nancy hates flying -- no, I don't mean just a little bit nervous about it, she really does not want to fly ever and everyone who knows her was amazed that she actually was getting on a plane to go to this wedding -- so she had an almost sleepless night, tossing and turning and finally giving up and reading until almost four a.m. which meant that I didn't get a good night's sleep last night either. Then, a little before noon, I went for a five mile run on the bike path. As I mentioned earlier, I melt when trying to run in hot weather... but I did the five miles. This aftenoon I did some grocery shopping, did a couple loads of laundry, spent an hour and a half reading in a hammock strung between two big trees in our backyard (well, okay, I probably didn't read the entire time, probably spent ten or twenty minutes dozing a bit instead of reading but it was delightful) and then, before dinner, I hopped on my bike and rode along the bike path to the train station and back (about eight miles). So I am feeling very tired and very sleepy and I don't think I could make it through an hour long TV program, even if it is a very good one.

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