I didn't skip Monday -- 07/19/04

Too often lately I've written something on Sunday and then don't write another entry until the next weekend. So I managed to change that pattern this week -- I didn't skip Monday. Oh, okay, right, but I did actually skip Sunday. Right you are, but I was very busy on Sunday and then I even watched television for a while Sunday night. Oh, how lazy!

Saturday night, around eight, I went for a bike ride -- as if my legs weren't tired enough from the race in the morning. Came home, fixed myself a late dinner and then Jill and Eli showed up carrying a VCR -- a transformer on Eli's street blew out, leaving that area without electricity and leaving Jill and Eli stuck about thirty minutes into a movie. So they brought the VCR with them (since they couldn't eject the tape without electricity), ejected the tape, and set up to watch it on our VCR. They offered to rewind it and start from the beginning if I would be interested in watching. So I joined them in watching Cradle Will Rock, a marvelous 1999 film by Tim Robbins (director and screenwriter) presenting what a brief note at the beginning calls "A (mostly) true story" about a Depression-era federal theater program (a WPA for actors and such) -- I had never seen it and was captivated. I thought it was marvelous and entertaining and amusing -- with a talented cast -- and I hope to rent it some night so Nancy and I can watch it together. (Despite the word "mostly" stuck on the opening of the film, this really is a true story -- Marc Blitzstein really did write a political opera called Rock the Cradle and Orson Welles did direct it and it really did cause a political storm and also, yes, the performances at the opening of the show really did happen like that -- and Nelson Rockefeller really did hire Diego Rivera to paint a mural at Rockefeller Center, etc.)

I haven't done a Sunday Brunch in quite a while but this one appealed to me for some reason -- and here it is, Monday night, and I've still not done it. Okay, really quickly....

It's All About Me

1. Do you or should you wear glasses or contact lenses? Glasses. Since 1956.
2. What is your favorite type of footwear? "Sneakers" -- running shoes, usually Brooks
3. What is your worst habit? Procrastination.
4. Are you an average, so-so or very good cook? Very good? I do some good dishes, let's just say above average.
5. Do you spend more time watching television, listening to music or
surfing the internet?

Worked from home today -- started around seven a.m. and didn't finish until after ten o'clock tonight. No, I didn't work all that time. I took time out for breakfast and around one-thirty I went out for a five mile run -- it was warm and humid but cloudy when I set out but after twenty minutes or so the sun came out and I was just melting on the second half of my run. Came home and drank lots of water and relaxed and took a shower and eventually got back to work, so altogether I probably only worked eleven hours. Yeah, but tomorrow I'm going to the office (also need an oil change and my clutch is slipping so I'll leave my car at Toyota of Newport to be worked on while I'm at work) and I'll probably only put it the basic eight hours.

Arrgh, eleven-thirty, I've got to get some sleep.

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