Welcome to www.jimsjournal.com -- 08/14/04

Okay, I finally did it.

Not only did I finally get my own domain (only took me about eight years to get around to it) but I have also begun migrating stuff over to here. The home page looks pretty much the same as it did on Geocities -- I made the columns a little narrower and moved a couple things around and got rid of the virtical blue lines in favor of just turning on table borders.

I've migrated the three prior entries for this month over to the new site and also my 1996 entries, but I've not put up an archives page to link to the '96 entries. I spent a lot of time today struggling with this stuff. I'm setting things up using relative addressing -- which will make everything organized better and it would make it a lot easier to move the site around in the future -- but right now it means extra work on any old entry I want to migrate over to the new domain. That's why most links to older entries will be pointing at Geocities until I can finally get to them. I spun my wheels for a while today when my relative addressing didn't seem to be working, until I finally figured out the problem wasn't in my HTML code; the problem was my FTP of two subdirectories didn't put them where I had meant to put them.

So... a new domain... and I've been working these past couple of weeks in my re-arranged den. Moved everything around, got dark curtains so that I don't have a problem with morning sun glare on my screens. This new arrangement looks a lot better than the old arrangement (which really looked messy) and it is a nicely compact work area that still gives me lots of room to have my NetVista desktop machine along with a printer and a scanner (you can't see the scanner -- it's just to the left of the NetVista tower, hidden by the left speaker) and I can have my laptop on the desk along with books or paperwork (and can easily push it aside if I need more desk surface -- and if I'm not using the laptop, I have lots of room for papers. Lots of drawer space in the desk and lots of file and mail organizing space on the desk. I'm really a happy camper here.

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