Good morning -- 09/17/04


This was dawn on Wednesday morning. Thursday morning (yesterday) was overcast and raining, but Wednesday was beautiful all day (until rain moved in at night).

And now it's Friday already and I have no idea where the week has gone... Wednesday night Nancy and I went to see a play -- well, a staged reading, actually -- at Kinney Bungalow. We saw George Bernard Shaw's one act play Overruled presented by the Beechwood Theatre Company, a group that usually performs in Newport at the Astor's Beechwood Mansion where they portray the Astor family and servants in the Victorian era during Living History Tours and also, this summer, have been doing Roaring Twenties on Tuesday afternoons and recreating a Speakeasy on Tuesday nights. Shaw wrote marvelously witty dialogue and his lines were well-delivered by the four players. Nancy and I were both tired so we didn't stick around for coffee and cake following the performance.

We got a lot of rain on Thursday, especially in the morning. I managed to do an hour and a quarter on my excise bike -- the equivalent of nineteen and a half miles according to the electronic readout. I don't know if I will have time to get in much of a workout today. I got a call yesterday asking me if I could be an attendant at the bungalow tonight for a dinner for South County Youth Soccer and I agreed.

A while back I was grumbling something about wanting to write something about my lack of trust in the accuracy of reporting in the news media. I still do want to write about that -- not so much to just echo what other people have said, but to present my personal view of it and to describe some personal experience where I was the person being interviewed. In the meanwhile, just look at the current circus around Dan Rather and CBS using obviously forged documents and then stonewalling when questions were raised and then attempting to excuse their actions by claiming that even if the documents were fakes they were still accurate. Is this a case of incompetence or deliberate media slanting or a gullible acceptance of phoney "evidence" because it fit their bias? Or all of the above?

Below is a picture of the sky taken when I was bringing in today's paper -- it was at about the same time as the Wednesday morning picture (just a minute or two difference) -- and you can see that today was just a bit darker, no colorful sunrise today. Now (about ten a.m.) things are brighter but the sky is stll cloud-covered. Okay, now I need to get back to work. I've been working since about six-thirty, just took myself a half-hour Web break, now it's back to the grindstone.


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