At my desk -- 09/20/04

Jeanne, who had been running the Sunday Brunch meme, announced that she was swamped with work and could no longer run things. She offered it up and Erica has agreed to take it over. In the future, she plans on posting the questions on Saturday nights.

1) Do you prefer wide rule or college rule notebook paper?
College rule. Absolutely.
2) What is your favorite writing instrument?
My Paper Mate PhD pen. (I have a pale blue one and a black one.) I'm also fond of ultra fine point pens.
3) What is the one office or school supply that you canít live without?
I could not narrow it down to just one. I could spend a fortune in an office supply store; I love going to Staples and OfficeMax. (Yes, I get the same feeling in cooking stores.)
4) Staples or paper clips?
Paper clips... although I also like binder clips.
5) Describe the contents of the top of your desk.
How about I show you...
Laptop in the center -- flanked on the left by a folder containing hardcopy of a course I am editing and on the right by a London souvenier mousepad. Behind all that you see a container of blank CDs, two photographs (on the left a picture of me when I was about a year old, on the right a picture of Adam and Sammy at Halloween), behind that some paper sorting bins, behind the laptop are lots of office supplies (pens, pencils, etc.) and another mail sorter thing.
But I actually have two desks... or, rather, a table serving as a desk, to the right of the desk show above, at a 90 degree angle to it...

This holds my scanner and IBM Netvista PC and a printer (the printer is actually Jill's). The mouse is Jeremy's optical mouse -- I can always tell when he has been using my computer because he finds my usual mouse to be annoying so he always brings down his optical mouse.
And, just to be complete, here's a picture from the other side of the desk. Looking at the picture, I can see how disorganized and messy the top shelf of that little book case in the left front corner of the picture has become (but the two lower shelves hold neatly arranged books, mostly about Java). And you can also see a bit of what I mean when I say my den has lots of pictures on its walls.

I am very pleased with this room -- which is a good thing since I spend so much time here.

(There are two small pictures of my desk area toward the bottom of my August 14th entry.)

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