Vehicular -- 10/12/04

Jeremy (like many other males in his age bracket) enjoys fixing up his ride. He had already upgraded the speakers in his car, now he is adding a big subwoofer and very powerful amplifier. That is some serious heavy duty wiring he is running. The second picture shows the inside of his trunk ("boot" to those of you who drive on the left side of the road). He says he has been able to fit the spare tire back in there, but I've not had the chance to see how he managed that.

He was installing his latest toys and I had come outside to take a few pictures of this, when we noticed that one of our neighbors was having his driveway resealed (i.e., having a fresh coat of driveway sealant applied). This is something that I had been considering for the past year or so (this driveway having been installed in 1995, it was showing signs of needing it done) but I had done that with our driveway when we lived in Binghamton and I remembered what a pain it was as a do-it-yourself project. One of the workers came over and offered a deal on resealing ours. I hesitated only long enough to walk over and look at what they were doing at our neighbor's driveway (knowing about crooks who drive around making sales pitches for driveway jobs and then spraying them with old motor oil) and was able to establish that they were doing the real thing.

So now our driveway has been resealed -- which should protect it for several more years -- and I didn't have to break my back trying to spread driveway sealer with a pushbroom. Which leads to the third picture -- while the driveway was being resealed, we had my car, Jeremy's car and Nancy's car parked on the street in front of the house and when they finished, I pulled my car forward to block the driveway. After Jill came home I realized that all four cars were lined up and went out to take a picture. Two Toyotas (mine and Nancy's) and two Hondas (Jill & Jeremy).

Jeremy works in a pizza restaurant. Since he has no classes on Fridays, he worked from 11 a.m. until 4 in the afternoon, then drove up to New Hampshire to visit friends, returning to Rhode Island to go to work at 4 Saturday afternoon. (He would then work until after 2 a.m. -- then work Sunday afternoon until after the 2 a.m. closing again -- and then work again on Monday from 4 until past 2 a.m.) So, Saturday night Nancy suggested that we pick up a pizza, giving us a chance to see him and say "hi."

This is the pizza he persuaded us to try: thin crust (very nicely thin and crunchy on the edges) with pepperoni, green peppers and olives (with a touch of hot sauce added to the tomato sauce) and it was delicious. As you can see, Nancy and I had each consumed a slice before I thought to take a picture. Nancy usually eats two slices of pizza but she startled herself by splitting this one 50-50 with me (four slices each).
Oh, yeah, one more picture... call this "She's Leaving Home Redux" -- Jill has moved into a house in a more rural township than ours (but only about five minutes to an I-95 on-ramp, so it shouldn't take her any longer to get to school) -- she's sharing the house with group of students, including her friend Lia. She doesn't know if she can stay past this semester because one of the original renters is taking this semester off but may return in January. It's a fairly nice house (in fact, when I was trying to find a house for rent in Rhode Island back in '95, to stay in for a year or so while we either found the perfect house to buy or had one built, I would have been really tempted by a house like this one) -- the picture shows Jill and Eli (her boyfriend) and Nancy going in the side door.

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