Busy -- 10/27/04

How can this be October 27th? So soon? Where has the month gone?

And I've not posted in nine days! Busy. Yeah, just busy. Last week I was very busy with work, overloaded beyond the average... and other stuff kept happening too. And then the weekend just disappeared too. I don't recall Friday night at all. I mean, there must have been one, but no vestige of it has lodged in my memory. I think I was still doing a few odds and ends of work in the early evening and then just doing a bit of catching up on my online reading, too tired to write an entry. Saturday also disappeared... I did some stuff around the house, various chores and tasks. The coordinator at The Towers had called me on Friday and asked if I could work a bar mitzvah party on Saturday night and (since I knew Nancy had lots of education-related work to do and would not be interested in either going out to a movie or renting one to watch at home) I said "sure." So that took care of Saturday night.

Jill and I had planned on going to the 2nd Story Theatre on Thursday night to see "The Heiress" (a play based on Henry James' novel Washington Square) but Jill was feeling too sick to go -- the third time this fall that she has suffered from an extremely sore throat and inflamed tonsils. (Her doctor has scheduled her for a tonsilectomy in December.) The folks at 2nd Story were very accomodating when I called them less than three hours before the performance and changed our reservation to Sunday (they only guarantee that they will attempt to reschedule tickets for subscribers with at least 24 hours notice).

The Sunday performance was a 3pm matinee so instead of dinner at her favorite restaurant, we did lunch instead. Miso soup, salad, chicken teriyake, green tea. (Yeah, we tend to get the same thing.) Very tasty food... I have always thought of them as having good prices, but their lunch menu is really inexpensive.

The play was excellent. This was the final performance, so the cast had had at least four weeks of performances to hone their parts. Jill and I often joke that the demographics of the audience mean that we are in the younger half... for this matinee I think I may have been in the youngest ten percent!

And Monday and Tuesday were also very busy days -- on Tuesday (with a brief lunch break -- a toasted bagel) I worked from around six a.m. until six p.m. and then in the evening spent a few more minutes at the computer but was too tired to do much. There is payoff to this -- by this afternoon I had finally cleared away all of the backlog of work that had been crushing me. I have completely caught up! Tomorrow I think I'm going to go to the office to work. I got a new desktop machine there a couple weeks ago and all I've done with it is to take it out of the shipping boxes, haven't even connected the keyboard or monitor. So at last I will have a few hours to check it out.

I don't even have to fix dinner tonight. I'm here in my den writing this entry while Jeremy is fixing dinner -- he has marinated some chicken breast in a combination of lemon juice, lime juice and various seasonings and was busy cutting up stuff for a salad. There are very yummy cooking smells coming from the kitchen.

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