My son the chef -- 10/30/04

I mentioned in my last entry that Jeremy was fixing dinner while I was writing that entry. I took a few pictures and thought I would share them with you.

Above is Jeremy a couple of hours before dinner, preparing pieces of chicken breast, marinating them in a mixture of fresh-squeezed lime juice, lemon juice, and oregano.

To the right of that you can see him cooking -- as he described his method, sauteing them at a high temperature to sear them, thus sealing the juices inside, and then finishing the cooking at a lower temperature so that they would be both juicy and tender.

The picture to the immediate right shows the plates as served, chicken breast strips plus a salad of Romaine lettuce with sliced carrots and red and green pepper rings and broccoli. He had prepared rice pilaf with sliced almonds but served that separately so that people could take the among of pilaf they wanted.

People? Nancy and me and his girlfriend (and, of course, chef Jeremy).

A very tasty meal. Nicely done, Jeremy.

This isn't exactly the kind of meal he cooks at his job in a pizza restaurant. At work he makes pizzas and calzones and French fries and chicken fingers and buffalo wings and grinders (subs).

Gillian and I went to see Team America: World Police on Thursday night -- very funny -- gross, crude, politically incorrect, obscene, rude, etc., but very funny.

Last night Nancy and I rented Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- a very strange little movie with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Nancy said it reminded her of Being John Malkovich and I can see what she means, it is a bit of a mind-bending trip. The plot gimmick is a process for truly ending a relationship by erasing all memories of one's partner.... and the true delight of the film lies in the extended sequences in Jim Carry's unconscious brain as his memories of Kate Winslet are being erased and he (and his memory of her) are trying to avoid that fate, even as pedestrians are disappearing from the streets they traverse, a Montauk Point beach house disintegrates around them, and Carrey retreats to his childhood. This may be his best work since The Truman Show. Not side-splitting laughs, more smiles and chuckles, but we found it to be intriguing and enjoyable

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