Playing with Sammy -- 11/15/04

So Sunday morning we got up, not quite bright and early. I was up before six, but my sinuses were bothering me so I medicated myself and went back to bed for a few minutes that turned out to be about an hour and a half...

Jill had wanted to come with us, but her tonsils were painful, despite being back on antibiotics since Friday, so she went back to bed.

Eventually Nancy and I headed for New York, driving down I-95 into Connecticut. We can catch Amtrak only a few miles from home, but to New York cost from $50 to $63 one way (they charge more for Sunday afternoons and evenings), but if we go to Milford and catch a MetroNorth train, it would cost $23.50 each roundtrip... It wouldn't be worth the trouble for one person, but with two of us, we save almost $180, which makes the 95 mile drive to Milford seem worthwhile. (And, if Jill had come with us, it would have saved another ninety.)

Sammy is growing and changing so rapidly -- well, he's 15 (almost 16) months old -- almost everyday brings changes at that age.

He was out on the playground with Leah when we got there. He loves climbing the stairs and playing on the platform and sliding down the slides. (That's his building behind him in the second picture.)

We had a marvelous time playing with him outdoors and then continued our fun when we went indoors -- piling up blocks and pushing trucks and looking at books and rolling balls. He is a wonderful kid.

And all too soon it was time to get back to Grand Central Station to catch MetroNorth back to Milford and make the drive back home again.
Sam can walk and run and climb...
Sam playing in his backyard...
Boys and trucks -- he even makes "vrooom" sounds.
Reading a book Putting Daddy's hat on Nana
Wearing Daddy's hat Fun with blocks: dumping them out
So that was our Sunday... having a wonderful time playing with our grandson.

I got Jill to the doctor this morning, he adjusted her antibiotic prescription and set her up for a maintenance dosage when her current supply is done. She missed classes, but she really wasn't in shape to go. I had e-mailed her professors first thing in the morning and then she e-mailed an assignment to one prof. and arranged to make up a quiz during another one's office hours tomorrow. She has been doing well this semester, despite these repeated bouts of tonsil infection. She is looking forward to having them removed in a few weeks.

Sitting on Grandpa

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