Starting December -- 12/01/04

Today began as a rainy day... raining fairly hard this morning. A wet start for the month.

As usual, I was working from home (have been going into the office about once a week)... timed my lunch break to drive over to the Red Cross Blood Center in Narragansett. I'm feeling quite satisfied about that because it means I was able to fit in six donations this year (February, April, June, August, October, and today).
This is a picture of the hood of my car, parked in our driveway a little past 2 p.m. this afternoon, reflections of tree branches on the wet car.

Strange and mysterious looking, isn't it?

UPS stopped to deliver the results of Nancy's Friday morning online shopping expedition. I walked out onto the porch to bring in the packages and, since the rain had slacked off to just a few intermittent drops, I stepped into the driveway to get some fresh air and stretch my legs after sitting in front of a computer. The reflection of the trees on the car caught my eye and I dashed back inside and grabbed my camera. The shot on the right is of the reflections in the windshield.Just a few minutes later I glanced out the window and saw that not only had the rain completely stopped, the clouds were breaking up, blue sky showing through gaps between the storm clouds.

The clouds melted away almost magically... by 2:40 we had the bright blue sky you can see in this picture on the right. I thought that was amazing: barely half an hour from total cloud cover with light rain to almost completely blue sky with bright sunshine.

If not for having just given blood, I would have been strongly tempted to go for a run.

This mysterious red picture on the right was taken just seconds after that blue sky picture. It is a picture of our deck, still covered with rain water, with the sun-bright reflection of the doorway into our dining room -- it looks to me like a hologram floating in the air above the deck -- and that's my shadow cast on center of the deck by the low sun behind me (sunset being only about an hour and a half away at this point -- and it actually disappears behind trees and houses well before that).

Christmas lights began to appear on houses over the weekend... I suppose I should start looking around down in the basement and figure out what I'm going to do this year.

I don't go crazy with lights. The most I've done here in the past was to outline the porch with lights and put lights in the bushes in front of the porch. I'll probably just do what I've done in recent years, just put nets of white lights over the big bushes on either side of our front port steps.

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