A Blues Theme -- 12/04/04

Nancy and I went to a combination Christmas party and reunion on Thursday night -- when we moved to Rhode Island nine years ago, it was so I could take a job with a small software company (Early, Cloud & Co.) that was in the process of being purchased by a Big Blue computer company... and this was a Christmas party get-together for people who had worked for Early, Cloud & Co. (some of whom have moved on to other employment and some who are still with Big Blue).

We gathered at the Newport Blues Cafe (Thames Street in Newport, RI -- and, just to confuse visitors from England, the name of that street is pronounced just the way it is spelled rather than the way they pronounce the name of that river that flows through London) -- which is located in a former bank building (if you click on the lower left corner of those pictures on their Web page you get a 360° panorama) -- their pool table is in the former bank vault, complete with four foot thick steel walls and an impressive and imposing vault door

The featured performer was Diane Blue and The Explorers (by the way, check out her photo page, includes pictures at the Newport Blues Cafe). Diane's appearance at the Blues Cafe was the reason for our gathering there for our party; you see, Diane used to be one of us at Early, Cloud (and at Big Blue). She left her software career to become a full time blues singer. (She mostly performs in the greater Boston area, but sometimes appears elsewhere in Massachusetts as well as back here in Rhode Island -- if you get the chance to catch one of her performances, don't miss it -- she is really good. )

We had to leave all too early (a half hour drive back home and the need to get up and work in the morning). Friday did disappear in a blur of work for me -- I was online and working by 6:30 a.m. and was very busy all day.

And now it's a beautiful sunny Saturday -- about 38° outside (about 3°C) -- and I think I'm going to go for a run.

Some pre-dinner socializing

There's room for dancing

Diane Blue and The Explorers

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