Twelve Twelve -- 12/12/04

I was trying to think of a title for this entry and the date caught my eye -- twelve twelve oh four. Heh. I'm easily amused. Twelve times twelve... oh, that's gross. (Jim, stop playing with your words! -- I told you I was easily amused.)

Hey, just wait eight more years -- then the date would be twelve twelve twelve!

We had a Christmas tree malfunction last night... It fell over.

I have always been paranoid about Christmas trees falling over -- ever since Christmas of 1966 when a tree fell over on a hardwood floor, smashing many beloved antique ornaments -- and for years would do things like run monofilament line from screws in the sides of window frames just to play it safe. The past couple of years I had stopped doing that and instead placed a pair of fifty-pound bags of sand against the tree stand. This year the new tree stand seemed to be quite secure. I thought about the sand bags but figured they weren't needed. *sigh* The slowness of the crash and the wall-to-wall carpeting saved most of the ornaments -- the ones that broke were mostly ones where the tree hit an end table and a coffee table. Fortunately, none of the remaining antiques and none of the ones with strong sentimental attachments were damaged. The base of the tree stand now has two 50-lb. bags of sand and two 25-lb barbell weights holding it steady.

Last night Nancy and I played Monopoly with Jill and Eli. I thought I was doing well for a while, but Nancy ended up the big winner. I loved Monopoly when I was a kid. In fact, I liked it enough that when I was around ten I bought my own copy. I think it cost around four dollars -- and this was in a day when a five stick package of chewing gum or a candy bar cost five cents, a comic book ten cents, a paperback novel twenty-five cents. [That preceding sentence had originally said nickel, dime, and quarter -- and then I thought about readers from outside North America and about how confusing British writing can be for Americans when it is full of quids and crowns and guineas and shillings.] This was the first time I've played it in maybe four or five years. It was fun.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. For years and years I had insomnia... but in recent years that has been a rare problem (frequently encountered when I would be away on a business trip)... usually I seem to be so tired when I get to bed that I can't keep my eyes open for more than a few pages of whatever book I might be reading and don't have any problem sleeping unless something wakes me up when I've only been asleep for a short time. Last night, however, sleep just wouldn't come. So I read and read and read... Finally fell asleep around four a.m. -- and got up around seven-thirty, so here I am at lunchtime feeling very tired and foggy-headed...

This week's Sunday Brunch questions deal with color:

1) What is your favorite color?
2) What colors are your cars?
They pretty much look black but they are actually those very dark shades of blue or green that the Japanese automobile industry has been so fond of over the past decade. Mine, for example, is theoretically green but in reality it looks black except in bright sunshine.
3) What color are your eyes?
4) What color do you like to wear most often?
Blue. I usually wear blue jeans. Half of my dress shirts are blue.
5) Name your favorite possession of each color of the rainbow: (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple)
I think I have to pass on this one. Favorite possession that is red? Favorite possession that is orange? I just can't think of answers.

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