The days dwindle down -- 12/17/04

The days are growing shorter and shorter... Just nine hours and eleven minutes of daylight today, although the difference from one day to the next gets less and less as we approach the solstice. Tomorrow will only have thirteen seconds less time between sunrise and sunset.

A few minutes past sunset, viewed from our backyard.

The number of days until Christmas is also dwindling... just a week left... Must be almost time to start shopping, right? No, actually I'm almost finished... just have a few things, mostly just stocking-stuffer presents left to get. I did almost all of it over the Internet. Between stuff I ordered and stuff Nancy ordered (and presents arriving from out-of-town friends), there's been at least one delivery here every day. One day this week FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service all stopped here to deliver packages.

And, of course, the number of days left in the year is also dwindling. Just two weeks left until we reach 2005. It seems as if the year had just started and here it is almost over. Two weeks from tomorrow I'll be splashing into Narragansett Bay. (Yeah, why not? It's just cold water... a brisk start to a new year.)

This has been a very busy week of work -- I've not gone into the office at all but have worked from home every day so that I could be at home in case Jill needed me. She's still healing from her tonsillectomy, getting better, but still with pain on one side of her throat, still eating ice cream and jello and soup and scrambled eggs. She and Nancy baked chocolate chip cookies the other night, but Jill had to dunk them in coffee until they were soggy before she could eat them. She had a post-op appointment with her doctor for this morning, but we rescheduled it back to Wednesday because we wanted him to check her throat and confirm that everything was okay because of the pain she was still having. He confirmed that everything looked fine, healing was proceeding, and the continued pain was to be expected, just continue with her pain meds as needed.

This morning she went to campus to make up a test she had missed due to her surgery and to take a final exam. I started working at home at 5:30 a.m. (which is early even for me) so that I could have the time to drive her to school -- no driving when on pain meds -- but Jeremy offered to drive her to school (so she could be there for her 8 a.m. make-up test). He came back and worked on the sound system in his car until he had to go to work at eleven. I was working here in my den while he was in the garage -- the garage is next to the den, so I got "treated" to some loud music at times. Jill ran into her cellular biology professor and was able to take her final exam a couple of hours early... so I picked her up and brought her home as my "lunch break" from work (and then I got busy in the afternoon and never did get around to having anything to eat).

So Jill (having been up since about 1:30 a.m.) fell asleep sometime in the afternoon... and Jeremy (having not gone to bed at all last night) came home from work about five-thirty, took a shower, and has not been heard from since and is also presumed to be asleep... Nancy and I have had dinner and plan a quiet evening of wrapping Christmas presents and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Yeah, I feel as I'm dwindling down too...

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