Cat and mouse -- 12/26/04

We had a very nice Christmas. Nancy and I slept in past eight. Shortly after that Jill woke up when Eli phoned and, finally, we woke Jeremy up around 9:30. Sat around the tree, opening presents. Eli came over. Nancy made pancakes. At mid-afternoon I went out for a run. Nancy's mom and one of Nancy's sisters dropped by and then later we went over to her sister Janet's for a turkey dinner (and for dessert there were cookies and cheesecake and apple pie and blueberry pie). Last night we watched It's a Wonderful Life (although I skipped parts to have phone chats with Adam and with my brother). [Did you check out that Internet bunny version I mentioned last time?It's cute and only runs thirty seconds: It's a Wonderful Life.]

We all had an especially enjoyable time watching Tiger play with his presents. The package in red wrapping paper contains a toy mouse with jingle bells. Tiger was having a wonderful time with that without it even being unwrapped. The fifth picture shows him with another mouse; this one is a catnip-scented one. He chased that all around the house, swatting it with a paw to send it flying a few feet away, then carefully stalking it. Then, finally, he settled down to rest (quite possessively) on top of those two presents.

Erica e-mailed two sets of Sunday Brunch questions and I've answered both sets.

1) What is your favorite Christmas song?
I have a lot of favorites but I enjoy listening to all of the standards. I tend to sing along (under my breath, not out loud) while shopping in a supermarket. (Of course, I'm not a sales clerk forced to listen to them eight hours a day for two months.)
2) Do you send Christmas cards?
Yes... Nancy does most of the family card sending and I probably send another ten or twelve (Pine Tree Designs) and this year for the first time I put together a one page letter, mostly filled with photographs (ones you've seen here during 2004 on these pages) to enclose with cards to people we've not seen in some time (and who are not readers here).
3) Artificial or real Christmas trees?
4) What is your favorite Christmas décor? (ie, trees, snowmen, stockings, Santa)
All of it. (I may be 61, but I'm still a child at heart.)
5) Do you attend any religious services on Christmas?
Went with Nancy to Christmas Eve service at her church.

1) Do you use fabric softener or softener sheets?
As a household, we use softener sheets. Personally, I don't worry about it much and frequently don't bother.
2) Do you dry clean clothes on a regular basis?
In the days before business casual, when I would be wearing a suit to work every day, I would have a lot of dry cleaning. Now that I wear jeans to work -- even on those days (about once a week on average) that I actually go to the office instead of working right here in my den, dry cleaning is something that I need to do very rarely. Nancy still needs to use dry cleaning regularly.
3) Do you do laundry as it piles up or do you wait until you are out of clean clothes?
We tend to do it as it accumulates, usually when there is enough to do a full load, either permanent press or regular. Jill tends to gather larger amounts. Jeremy does his when he can't find anything clean to wear.
4) Do you use a clean towel every day for your shower or use the same one throughout the week?
I prefer a clean towel every day but Nancy has persuaded me that it is more environmentally responsible to use them for two days (but sometimes I still prefer a fresh towel).
5) Who does the laundry in your household?
We all do, but to varying degrees. Nancy and I probably do roughly equal amounts laundry (our clothing and most towels and sheets and odds and ends like tablecloths). Jill does her own laundry. Jeremy will do laundry (see question 3) when he absolutely must, but I sometimes do his because it annoys me to see it accumulate.

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